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i am almost 17 and interested in writing a series, i have been working on these books for a few months now and i'm still not that good with my grammar but i need help so if you can help me i would love it.

More about me. I am a complex person, I am a straight A student in some cases even more, I play basketball, soccer, volleyball, track, swimming, hip hop, ballet, jazz, and badminton.

I like all music but I only read about books that are about funny things or fantasy. I play way to many instruments. I am part african, Indian and Canadian. So I am all over the place.

I love critiquing because it lets me be free to give people my opinion and it let's me open up to others.

Thank you for reading and please go on to my books. If you want a person to read your book just ask I'm a nice guy.

List of books

the titans are escaping, and the fates have chosen Avgerinos and his new friends from the most unlikely places, to be the last hope for men and gods alike. (book one of three)