Andromeda Lux
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Country: United Kingdom

Hello, my name is Andromeda Lux but my friends call me 'Ada' for short. For those of you interested: I live in the borders of Central London, England (a country famed for its indecisive weather) and can often be found whiling away the time with nothing but a good book in my hands or a laptop on my knees. I am fifteen-years-old and, when I am not reading/ writing, I generally shy away from the world as best as possible.

Most of you will know me as the author of 'The Fade' which is, surprisingly, a fantasy-styled novel. For the time-being, this book is off-line and currently receiving some BLC (Book Loving Care) and should hopefully be reintroduced to the public in due course. (You can contact me regarding the book if I took it off while you were still reading it.)

Onto other news: For those of you who are curious, yes I do take book requests/ reviews, and I try to prioritise my time so that those who ask - receive. In addition to this, I also welcome criticism on my own works - so long as it is of a constructive nature - as well as the odd compliment if you have any to offer.

That's all I can think to add as of this instant, so, without further ado, I bid you adieu,

- Ada.

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