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I am Alexia! I go by Alex! I love writing. I love romance and kissing, so don't blame me if there is a lot of kissing in my writing. I'm kinda OCD about grammer but sometimes when I'm really into a story, i'll forget to check. So please comment with anything you don't like. I love books. My current vampire favorites are: Queen Betsy by Mary Janice Davidson and The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine.

I am a self-teacher. I am self-teaching myself how to speak Italian, and so far everything is going well. Most of my writing is going to have a sprinkle of Italian in it, just so I can keep practicing if I am going to speak it fluently one day.


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Mimi was tired of everyone taking her for granted. People forgot about her, even her best friends. Until a wish of hers comes true 'Please make everyone love me, regardless of what i do'