Donald McMiken
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Country: Australia

I have published widely with feature articles and short fiction translated into several languages. My work appears in London Magazine and Best Australian Sports Writing 2003. Story and nonfiction credits include: London Magazine (UK), Panorama (Australia), Antipodes (USA), Personality (South Africa), Equine Veterinary Journal (UK), Practical Horseman (USA), Equus (USA), Ridsport (Sweden), Cheval (France), Horse & Rider (UK), Horse Sport (Canada), Eventing (UK), The Storytellers and Best Australian Sports Writing 2003. I have lived in Canada, USA, New Zealand, England and Uppsala, Sweden although I am now retired from academia and live in Canberra, Australia.

I do hope you enjoy my writing and will let me know about typos and glitches as well as important structural elements you think awry. A brief note to American reviewers: Please realise my writing is British English (more or less) and so does not necessarily conform with the usual American spelling and usage. Although, God knows, in any domain I still can't manage to get all my spelling and grammar right all of the time.

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Writing is not about correct grammar, the potency of words, slick presentation or accurate references. It's about using language to present the workings of your mind.
Details therein provide evidence for a folk-memory hypothesis: that Beowulf, like the Icelandic Sagas and the Bible, contain memories of real events, although these memories are distorted.
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