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Hey, I'm Grace. I'm not an amazing writer, but I'm not completely pants either. I'm up for any criticism that will help me improve. Thanks much!

Also: Anyone who needs help with their stories or wants me to take a look at them, feel free to message me. I'm great at helping other people get out of writer's block (kinda sucky at getting myself out XD).

List of books

Winifred is the daughter of a plantation owner. Thomas is their slave and Winny's childhood friend. But when things take a turn for the worse, what will happen to Thomas?
Kai is imprisoned for a crime that she, well, did commit. Will she get a second chance or face execution? And can she smother the illegal magical gift that lurks beneath the surface of her control?
Blair's parents are alcoholic. Her father is abusive and she struggles with being a loner in school. Will the new physics teacher change all that?
Maggie never meant to be stupid. But she was and now she owed this man her life.