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just a sixteen year old girl with a wild imagination. i'm a former quizilla writer. i have a super bad habit of not proofreading. i'm a sucker for romance.

FAQS (frequently asked questions)

do you really know justin delacruz in real life?
-yeah i do...i think. i've talked to him before but i don't wanna call him my "friend." i gotta ask him about that.

do you have aim?
-yeah i do. it's datscooliomayn. i also have yahoo messenger. it's twelvetwix.

is i2s2bwy and i2s2lyg true?
-it's based on a true story and true events.

what's your real name?
-it's not mailyn. it's carolyn. i had a few people call me mailyn.

how you get your name twelvetwix?
-it's a funny story. i used to love the chocolate bar twix. i was talking about twix and she noticed that i said "twix" weird. so she told me to say "twelve twix" and i'd pronounce it "chu-elve chu-ix." then she started calling me twelvetwix.

when and how'd you start writing?
-i don't really know when i started writing but i made my own stories about three years ago. i don't know how i started writing. i always had a wild imagination and i just started writing it down.

have you ever thought of writing your own book or become an author?
-i did before but not anymore. i''m scared of becoming famous. i don't want that kind of life.

List of books

you have him. will it be forever?
loving your best friend is tough. it's even tougher if he's famous.
marriage is a big commitment in someone's life. ever since justin proposed, their relationship went down hill.
everyone needs love, it may even be your cousin.