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Oliver is amazingly sexy and beautiful and the bestest boyfriend in the world ever because he brings me Indian food and flowers when I am mad with him and he lets me stay over at his house when I've maybe had one too many SammyBs so my lovely yet clinically insane mother Cazza won't get all ninja on my admittedly fabulous ass.
And the moral of the story? Never EVER trust your boyfriend with your iPod. Love you baby ;)
^He said if I delete that he's going to move to America where he will kidnap and marry Robert Pattinson. Gosh, thanks, pookie, I love you too _

So Oliver stayed over at my place and we watched Napolean Dynamite. Now all I get is 'I'll do whatever I feel like, gosh!' 'Eat the food. C'mon Tina, eat the food!' and 'Stupid Llama.'
Moral of the story;
NEVER watch Napolean Dynamite with my boyfriend.

I like grapes.

Go read Lacey Raine's books. She's my FBFF (Fat Best Friend Forever)
And Dreamheart's. She's cool. She likes me.
And IAmTheRealET's. She likes me also :)
And Rucking Fetard's. She's Australian. Which makes her instantly cool and sexy.

I want a cat.
Someone buy me a cat?
*Cedric makes puppy dog eyes*

List of books

"If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out first-hand what it's like to be me." It's a lyric that Tyler's always found pretentious. Until he meets Skylar...
Young Adult
Jesse is a saint, in a town full of sinners.
Young Adult
Cyan's back in his hometown, with his old friends and family. But he's changed. He's harbouring a dark secret that he's not likely to tell anyone anytime soon. That is, until he meets Verity.
Young Adult
I got bored. These are character pictures from my book, Saints And Sinners. *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BOOK IS NOT YET FINISHED, AND NOT ALL OF THESE CHARACTERS HAVE BEEN MENTIONED YET.*
Young Adult
Everyone has a best friend right? What if you were closer than friends?
Young Adult
"There's only pain, there's only fear, there's only hate there is no love here" - Simple Plan, No Love
Young Adult
Spencer's the One for Caleb. He always has been, right since they first met at the age of seven. He always will be the One, until the day that he dies.
Young Adult
Some true short stories, from my personal journal.
Non Fiction