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Country: India

Hi.... I am Vishwathika from India.. Vishwathika is actually my pen name. I am not that good at writing stories but i hope to improve everyday... So far i have written two stories and I am currently working on one.
Please read it and give me your comments.... All reviews are welcome...

List of books

Anu loved him like anything. Until anita came back into their lives..Who is going to be with anirudh?? Something like a chick flick.... check it out.... (Completed)
Young Adult
She was going on with her life peacefully. That social website brought him into her life and now her life is changing....
Stuff that happen in many peoples' lives put in words here....
Short Stories
She still needed to confess her feelings to him. But then will he return those feelings?? She never knew that even real life had happy endings...A short story, completed......