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Well, I'm not really here for any other reason than to read. I'm a critic, as we all are.

If you want me to critique your story, just ask me. I really do not like to read cliches. Regardless, I will read it. There is no copy & pasting here, so, it takes time to really review a story. You'll have to be patient. I will give a warning on each review I make. If you read on, that is on you, not me, and if you personally request I critique your story, you honestly have no right to attack me. But it's welcomed.

I'm extremely harsh.

I yell in my reviews if I don't like it, because it makes it fun for ME.

I'll insult something as much as I want, because I can, and because I feel like it is unnecessary. If at some point I directly attack you, however, you have every right to tell me to shut the bloody fuck up and mind my own business.