Ben A. Lepton
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Country: United States

Tall, broad shouldered, mighty good looking, I am a very humble and non-assuming young man. I have thick golden hair crashing in waves above my narrow, noble face, defined by a titanic nose and caterpillar lips. Muscular arms and iron body aside, I am very athletic and enjoy long runs alone with my girlfriend on empty beaches, usually chasing my girlfriend who has yet to meet me... Otherwise, I work for a living, usually at trying to find a wife. My advice to all young people is to become literary agents. Then get rich by selling my books. At the very least you will convince me that agents are more than myths and do actually exist.

List of books

Horrible things happen in this world, every day. This is how I cope with the worst.
A heart wrenching account of a life of a writer of wonderful stories of fiction of which he feels may never get published so feels sad. So sad.