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The authors that inspired me to write are #1 JK Rowling, I'm sure you've heard that before but I grew up reading her books, and those were the first books i really remember as a child. My other inspirations are my older sister, Christine, who gave me my love for reading and is also a writer, and my best friend Jaydee, who is a much better poet than I, as I'm more about writing stories.

I love romance and fantasy, so my first book "A Simple Faerie Tale" combines both. From then on, the rest of my stories will probably be romance, since fantasy isn't my strong suit in writing.

I'm 14, in 10th grade, from the USA, and I do color guard and love playing with my dogs. I'm a bit crazy, and I hope you see that though my stories, because I don't write anything that I don't feel strongly about. Please please be honest, I can take constructive criticism (I think I need to hear it from someone other than myself every now and then:). Thank you! :D

List of books

Reida Martin isn't an ordinary girl, even though people view her as little as the dirt of the earth. Does she belong with ordinary people or, perhaps, faeries?
Young Adult