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Hey! Thanks for clicking on my name, and please read my books! I'm trying to get better, and that can only happen if y'all give me critisism(:

I'm Brooke, and I'm twelve! I like reading too much, and don't write enough. I love country and rap, but I can listen to anything and like it(: Some things you can find me doing are skateboarding, playing CoD, hanging out downtown, writing, tanning! Haha. I love tanning!

You know what! Pickles are better than bananas! Yeah, you know who I'm talking to!

Some sports I play are soccer, softball, and volleyball!

I get crazy ideas in my random little head, and write them down.

Amazing Books I've Read On Wop!

One of the Guys- AmelleM.
Complicated- polina aranova
Surrender-polina aranova
The Babysitter's Boyfriend-You*Know*It:)
Rough Around the Edges- polina aranova
Out of my Element- polina aranova
Love-Hate Relationships Suck-C.C Pheonixx
Sucks for Him- C.C Pheonixx
Brotherly Love- Puddled Rain
([email protected]+r00m L0v3- Carter Bridges
Love is a Lie- littlemisswriter123
ANY BOOKS BYY: Lacey Raine
^^^ I love all of them <3

I just realized all of those books are romance....

Just message me if you need anything! I don't mind ook suggestions(:

List of books

When Annalee Skiles's dad's work moves to Minnesota, and gets between Destery and his friend, is it bros before hos? Or something completely different?
Young Adult