Isis Lou
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Writting is what most of my life consist of... Well that and hanging with my friends and or drawing or singing. I'm always having new ideas about books but I've recently realized that I need two characters two books and two personalities and I should be able to actually finish my books.

Random Facts

*Love Reading books!
*I make playlist for my characters... =_=
*I sometimes wonder if my characters can actually talk to me...
*Love the winter
*I can't stand those who down others for being different... I LOVE DIFFERENT
*I'm tooo kind for my own good...
Welp thats it...or at least all that I can think of

List of books

Music is the path to the soul and Poetry is the key to the doors of the heart
"I can't understand much of my life but this, being here with you nothing and I mean absolutely nothing could be more clear."
Young Adult