C Lawson
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Country: United States

I have been writing since I was around five years old, thanks to my grandfather. I'm not that young anymore and I finished my first book when I was fifteen. Words are always in my head, and if I'm not reading then I'm writing, and vice-versa.
I love to laugh with my friends, sarcasm, exaggerations, and innuendos pretty much sum up my humor style.
I love to explore the emotional side of the human being, really get inside their hearts and see how that relates to what goes on in their heads; not just scribble off some jargon about 'this happened, then this happened, then i smiled and felt sad.'
Because that's not how we, as a human race, feel or experience things.

List of books

When Camille loses her memory and is found by the man who totured her for years, she must become the one thing she despises to save the one person she loves.
Young Adult
Annie Fowler's world is changed when the seven deadly sins incarnate arrive to bring destruction to her small town. Annie falls madly in love with Pride and agrees to help them corrupt Scranton.
Young Adult
Skylar, Granger, Reese, Journey, Cara, and Angel all have the same secret. From controlling people's emotions to aging objects to flying, they can do it all. And they're all about to find out
When a heartless girl falls in love with her assignment, she discovers her life has been built on lies, death, and blood. How far will she go to save the love that was doomed from the beginning?
Young Adult
Taking a stab at life is what we're both born and forced to do.
Young Adult
After scarcely surviving the fall of a business she was destined to come into power of, Camille struggles to figure out the mystery behind Alex and unravel the events of that fateful night.
Young Adult