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This profile was designed by a young Tasmanian for the sole purpose of getting rid of a blank page.

The Tasmanian girl who owns this page plans to, one day, become a successful author. But in order to do that she not only needs to be published, but she needs to improve and grow. Feedback, good and bad, is requirement of personal growth, just as it is a requirement of writing good fiction. Perhaps an over confident thing to say, but she's somewhat certain she has the talent to get to where she wants to get. She just wants to be better than alright, better than okay, better than good - she wants to be exceptional. Hopefully, with your help, she can be just that - exceptional.

' "Fiction is the truth inside the lie." '

"When the day has come that I've lost my way around,
And the seasons stop and hide beneath the ground...
When the sky turns grey and everything is screaming,
I will reach inside just to find my heart is beating."

Do you see that girl? The one with the long dark hair, the sunken eyes? No, I suppose you didn't. I guess you couldn't bring yourself to look at something so undesirable. It's hard, isn't it? To glance at something so imperfect, something so... so different. Is she really that different? Is she really so horrendously different to you that you feel like you should, like you have the right to, overlook her like she is nothing? Tell me, who gave you the right to look down on her? You're not God.

"You tell me to hold on,
Oh, you tell me to hold on.
But innocence is gone,
And what was right is wrong."

It's rather funny, isn't it? You can see how miserable she is, sitting in that dusty corner of the library with her hands wrapped around the steaming mug of hot chocolate, alternating between looking at her mobile and the book spread out in front of it. It's some novel, probaby a Shaun Hutson masterpiece... or even Dean Koontz. Either way, it's from the horror section. You know that much because that's where she disappears every other minute - or you would know that, if you bothered to give her the time of day you give to the pretty blonde girl flipping through the pages of those pathetic magazines. She's probably only here because her boyfriend is late picking her up, but you still look at her - an airhead - over the girl hidden in the back of the library with a smuggled-in hot chocolate, her mobile, and a book.

"'Cause I'm bleeding out,
So if the last thing that I do is bring you down,
I'll bleed out for you."

Have you ever wondered why you can never make a relationship last? Maybe if you paid a little more attention to that girl, hidden behind the shelves and the dust, you'd find out why. You see, she has it all. She has a home where everyone loves her, a real family, even a handful of close and guarded friends. She's got a partner, a few pets, her own car. Heck, she's almost able to drive by herself... and what do you have? A pretty face.

"So I bare my skin and I count my sins,
And I close my eyes and I take it in.
And I'm bleeding out, I'm bleeding out for you.
For you..."

So, do you want to know who she is? Do you really want to know? That girl is sitting here, on her mobile, typing out a thousand words a minute because you overlook her. She's the bitter, sarcastic bitch the world turned out because she failed to live up to society's expectations. Yeah, she's another "mistreated, neglected brat". You want to know what's different about this girl? This girl is The Ink Slinger. And while you may never, ever know what she's really feeling, or who she really is, she's going to take the world by storm. She's going to become famous one day - a real, published author - and then you're going to regret ever overlooking the dark haired, pale-faced girl who hid at the back of the library because the world is more of a bitch than she could ever hope to be.

"When the hour is nigh and hopelessness is sinking in,
And the wolves all cry to fill the night with hollering.
When your eyes are red and emptiness is all you know,
With the darkness is fed I will be your scarecrow."

She may not be famous, but she's still an author (an ink slinger, at least!). Sure, she's not published, but who says you have to be out there to do what it is you love?

After all, Sinclair Lewis said;
' "It's impossible to discourage the real writers - they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write." '

She likes to consider herself a real writer. And while she doesn't find herself discouraged by anything negative, she does appreciate the honest feedback she recieves (even if none of it ever comes from her mother, who finds her work exceptional, if not a little scary...).

(- Featuring the lyrics from Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons.
- And quotes from [possibly] random dead guys.)

I'm on here for the same reason as anyone else - to recieve feedback on my writing. Therefore, if you cannot comment my work, do not expect me to read and comment on yours.

List of books

(complete) "Erotomania is a type of delusion in which the affected person believes that another person, usually a stranger, is in love with him or her." Google Definitions.
(complete) A stalker is the only thing Brooke has to worry about.
(complete) Zombies... a girl, a boy. The end of the world.
(complete) A short story born from a Disney classic, bearing a mild horror twist. Inspired by a friend.