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I love to write original stories and poetry. Poetry is simply a passion that with only a word or phrase I could have a poem written within minutes. I like it when people comment on my stories and I have more posted on another site. The Darkness Twins is completed along with its sequel, Lunar Darkness. Working on 3 side stories to TDT amd LD...might put them here once completed :P

List of books

Danni and Dan are twins who get themselves in with the wrong kinda person. The supernatural kind that is...
Young Adult
The 2nd book in the Darkness twins series, where the story unfolds on true love and courage. Will the twins be able to beat the one who took care of them?
Young Adult
Lily is one girl that the world did not see coming...and neither did her parents. Love, courage and betrayal is what created this story.
Young Adult
Akita, Colt, and Kitt aren't your average teenage group. The boys are hiding a huge secret from their friend and what will happen when she finds out what she really is?
Young Adult
Matthew Incendios is a normal late-teenager who just wants money for college, what he didn't realize was what he was getting himself into in order to uptain this money...experimentation.
Young Adult
Poetry brings out the real emotions from within. I write about depression, sadness, happiness and love.
Short stories are hard to write but its a change from the longer books and stories.
Young Adult
Ever wondered what could make your summer better? Try having my day.
Short Stories
A Q&A with the author.
A bartender makes a girl cum while her friend makes him cum.