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Hello, and welcome to my profile-thingy(:
My name is Jackie and I'm an 18 year old female.
I'm honestly never really on this anymore.
I'm usually on Wattpad, now.
That's where I'm editing His Advocate.(:
If you'd like to check it out my username is JackiePark7.

List of books

Faye is like any other Guardian Angel, but that all changes when she's charged a handsome mortal. She soon realizes that this handsome boy has some problems to be taken care of.
Young Adult
Mostly poems about anything.
Sloane, a genetically enhanced werewolf, escapes from the lab with the help of her best friend, Lance. When everything goes awry, her true meaning seems to unfold.
Young Adult
A sailor begins to experience supernatural occurrences aboard his beloved ship. Will he make it out alive?
Short Stories