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Hello, and this is Jukyter J. Juky with the news. Our first item is-
Oh yes! Jukyter J. Juky is putting his first novel, Snow Day, on the 'net for free!
It reads here that Snow Day is part of an undefined number of novels called the Distraction Alliance Chronicles, named after the planet the main characters reside on. He's writing a sequell called the Vor-Vor. It identifies that these are not his best effort.
It also says that he will soon be releasing a novel set in 2007 called 'The Impending Doom of Barnabas Burroughs'. It revolves about a boy, his soul and his conciousness. It will be part of a pentalogy called Barnabas Burroughs' Saga.
Well, that sounds intresting.

List of books

In this zany adventure, thousands of things that have never been put in a sane sentence before are (not). What the zoom?
Barnabas Burroughs' conciousness and soul have seperate, real bodies. And he's got a very special duty...
Young Adult