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The kind of books that interest me are fiction/fantasy, other worlds and mythological creatures such as gryphons, merfolk, centaurs, dragons and talking animals. I love books about spies, thieves, rebels, and castles. I'm a bookworm, artist (I draw, mostly), and writer, but I will not consider myself an author until I publish my first book.
Speaking of books that interest me, I recommended checking out these authors on Worthy of Publishing: Aria of Hyrule, Gerald Forrester, and Leeli. My favorite story of Leeli's is Sometimes In Danger. I'm practically obsessed with that story and the characters. :3

I love drawing. I don't know why. I get a picture in my head and have to put it on paper. Sometimes it works out exactly the way I want it to. (YAYYYY!!) More often it fails miserably.
The worst part is; I can spend hour on a drawing and hate the sight of it, then turn right around and draw a masterpiece in three minutes without even trying.

I am often impatient and a big procrastinator. I love to be busy, even if it's just being busy daydreaming. I have trouble finishing things but love starting them [hence the several unfinished novels I've put up here].

I daydream often and love fantasies. Sometimes I want to be a superhero (WITH AN EPIC FORCE FIELD!! <3 8D), sometimes I want to be a ninja (my parents won't let me buy a sword), and sometimes I want to be a spy (even though my gun is a nerf gun that uses foam bullets), and I always wish I could be an elf from Rivendell or Lothlorien. I know that I'll really never be these things, but why let reality get in the way of a good daydream?

I love building fairy houses out of twigs, bark and leaves, hiding in very tall grass, daydreaming, and staring at the sky.

My favorite weather is cloudy. Make that rainy. With a slight breeze and warmish air. I LOVE wind. And clouds. Every time I see them I imagine that if I could fly I'd soar straight into them, especially if they're storm clouds. Not that that'd be an incredibly good idea. While I'm at it, I'd imagine I was lightning proof.

I love dreams. LOVE them. I have been studying them for years, something I call dreamology, and have found out how to wake myself up from a bad dream, how to dream about whatever I want, how to know I'm dreaming, and how to fly.

Also, I'm weird. Let's face it. I consider weird a complement. I don't give dragon scat for what others think of me, and I always want to make new people feel welcome. The word "embarrassed" is hardly in my vocabulary.

I'm not afraid of dying, because I know where I'm going. the Earth has a design, everyone has a purpose, and it was not just some cosmic accident. I am truly happy because I know Him personally. Jesus is His Son, in the form of man. He died and rose again to bear the punishment for all the wrong we've done. This is what I believe.
I know a lot of people will think this is stupid, but it's true.

To ask me to stop reading is like asking me to stop eating. I live in a fantasy world, and love trees (especially oaks. And willows. And aspens. And cedars. And birches. And basically all trees), but I'm not the type to scream at someone for plucking a leaf.
My favorite animal is a gryphon, and I still believe in Fairies.

So there.

I write because I need an outlet for all my imagination, or I would explode. I write to get away, to help others get away, to tell others how I feel. And because my characters just have stories that deserve to be told, and it wouldn't be fair to them if I never wrote about them.

I am always coming up with ideas for new stories, and never finishing them. Maybe I could get someone else to write them for me, but they wouldn't get it right, or write it the way I imagined it to be. :(

There are so many good books that haven't been written, and I intend to write a few of them.

Please notify me if you miraculously stumble into another world. (Particularly one with gryphons, elves, merfolk, or dragons!)

List of books

When Allison and Laura stumble into The Woods of FairaNoran and find themselves caught up in a war between the Woods, they will need all the bravery they can muster.
Misty and her two friends get more than they bargained for when they join a group of rebels, desperate to overthrow their tyrannous king.
Writer's prompt: Your protagonist and antagonist wake up in an abandoned warehouse with no memory of who they are or how they got there.
Rabecca is an ordinary girl, just like anybody else. Then why does everyone treat her like a monster?
When they set out, they both knew that goblins didn't exist.