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Country: Hong Kong

Likes: Pandas, food, Le Français, comedy movies, friends, smiling, hugging, dandelions, facebook, reading, singing, R&B, writing poems, paper stars and Russell Peters XD

Nationality: Chinese! :) yay

Personality: Normally withdrawn/shy but with friends, i'm comfortable, likes to have a laugh :) Talk to me on here and i'll try my best to be entertaining :) I like to make friends!

Age: Sweet Sixteen :D

School: International Christian boarding school

Religion: Christianity; by parental background and by own faith :D Please respect my religion and i will do the same for you (i'm not a bible-basher! Will not impose what i believe on you unless you want me to XD)

YouTube: mandy96ful...i do covers :D YEAHH I'm up to 30+ videos :D if you ever feel super jobless, please do watch my videos!

Favourite song(s)!
-Can We Go Back by NLT
-Don't Leave Me by Matthew Kurz

Stories update: I have started writing a new adventure/thriller book (MoF)and you can scroll down and tell me if you like it if you are interested in that sort of thing :) (24/03/2012 update) I will try to update as regularly as possible, currently have prologue and first chappie keep your eyes open for Matches of Fate!

:D total procrastinator you're reading about XD Never does work when i should!
BUT i do write critiques/comments that are pretty decent (don't believe me please check 'why' by TKSK and the lastest comment under my name) so if you're in need of some help; please do message me!

Dislikes: Maths, being clumsy, people who put others down because of their poor judgement of the world and the people inside it, dressing rooms.

->Why by TKSK
-A girl from England gets engaged to a guy in America against her own will, story of how she adapts to life in America!
AHHHH IT'S PUBLISHED ONLINE!!! Gogogo buy it and support the amazing TKSK <3

-->Unholy matrimony by Cinnamon Zombie
-Girl 'kidnapped' by the devil's son...has to marry him...falls in love...? :D read and find out!

=>Faking It by Misha Cobain
-Girl pretends to be girlfriend of her gay step-brother, falls in love with older brother...story goes on, incomplete.

--> When You're Obsessed by Fraya Lucindato
-Girl is attracted to her enemy, finds out a secret of his...incomplete story, but good chemistry between them.

--> Arizona Skies by Isabella Darcy
-Girl moves to a new place, meets mysterious guy, hates him? Loves him? falls in love...? :)Read and find out!

==> Expect the Unexpected by Sarah Adams
-Vampire romance! Not really like twilight series even though there are two guys involved.

=> Blood Pet by Sarah Adams
Woah. Another vampire-based story but really intense, it's about a girl who is kidnapped by a vampire, only to be kidnapped by his brother, where she is sadistically abused and tortured...very interesting, might i say-a kind of story that you'd want to know the outcome of!

Away by ChristiAna M.
Bad boy, Good girl but i like the twists and the plot that the author develops, it's very interesting, the author is currently doing a re-write, go support her and read her awesome story(ies)! :)

And the list goes on! I'll add more when i can, please do read them because they are awesomely awesome!!! (Uh yeah that makes sense cos' i say it does XD)


UPDATE ~19/06/12~ GCSE's are almost finished! Summer holidays to begin :)

List of books

One wish. One wish was all it took for happiness. One wish was all it took for hopes and dreams to come true. One wish was all it took…for total destruction to take place.
Dying wasn't something on her list, but evidently it was the first on his. His only wish would be fulfilled in a matter of seconds and no one would know...