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I love to read. I always have and I always have a book with me no matter where I do. I also love art. I draw, paint, and do photography. I have a learning disability because of this I have bad spelling. I am trying to work on it though. I have always had all these ideas in my head. Full out stories that I would just come up with. I never bothered to rite them down though because I figured with my learning disability who would want to read them. But in my second semester in college we had to rite a short story for one of my class's. My teacher loved it. She said besides my spelling mistakes it was very good and that she thinks I should continue to finish it as a book and she would love to read more. So I figured what the hell I'll give it a try. So here I am writing them down so other people can read them to. I mite as well try and see what happens.

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Anthony Wilson
S. K. Humble

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I had no idea that the stories were real. I never believed in the fairy tales, or legends, or any of that supernatural crap. It was all things made up to scare kids into doing what their parents wante
Young Adult
Just becuase most don't know about The Black Zodiac does not mean we don't exist. This is our story told by the twelve of us.
An island was found. At first it was unknown how it was able to stay hidden for so long. After explorers had done a complete once over of the island they found that it was overrun by strange creatures
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