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Hii! I'm Alexis, i'm 12 years old my birthday is december 31st 1998 and have 3 sibings all girls :P! No brothers thank God for that!!! I LOVE Stephen King and his novels (and his unibrow) ha ha! I'm always a bit grumpy and get writer's block offten sadly. I will try to update daily but ya' know 12 year old's get grounded a lot!! My fave subject is L.A because of reading and writing. I HATE math...and think it's gay because we have calculators I mean we can do bill's with a calulator!!! I love comment's and my best friend is Morgan!!! She's also (trying) to be a writer but umm...only stories about Banana's that chase people? Creeeeepy. I would love for your input on my stories on here just to know if I need to change anything at all :P ha ha :) ermm my favorite rapper is Eminem because I mean he's sexy :) haha I love his workk!!! That's really all you need to know? Unless you're gonna STALK MEE! GAAAAAH!byeeee :) Also if you want me to read your stories shoot me a message :D bye byeee

List of books

Jesse James was 3 when he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now he's 17, and hasn't had one girlfriend. He won't ever get one, he won't let himself.But when that girl comes,he falls in love,no matter what.
Young Adult
Robin was 5 when her parents died. Her brother was only 13 and put in a different home then her.Then, the day he turned 18, he got her back in his arms. Now he raises her,but she won't tell her secret
16 year old Maya is the perfect student, and has two guy teachers, one whom becomes obsessed with her. Can it be more dangerous?
"Karmen! Karmen come back! I COMMAND YOU!" Kody yells, yeah like I would listen to my hot, sexy vampire kidnapper. I run into the street, when a shot is fired, and I'm down in seconds.