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I love to read and write, obviously. I'm a 19 year old girl and yeah... I completely love to read other peoples story rather than writing my own. So if I comment on your story it's either I really really love or I hate it so much I need to tell you!
Jk!:) I probably will comment on stories I really love! So if you see a bad comment... I hope it's not from me.
Theres one thing though, I love if you read my story and get inspired with it! That's actually what I hope. But I don't like it if you start to steal my story line and plots. I mean really be cool about it.
I really have no idea what I want to do as I graduate, I'm still going between majors and what not. I'm thinking about maybe being an editor or a publisher, or a writer. I'm not sure though...
My top 5 stories on WOP (Worthy of Publishing) 1. Brotherly Love 2. Love hate relationships suck 3. Souls 4. Nevermore 5. Between Friends And thoose are just a few of my favorite stories!! I have aton more but that would of taken like 78 paragraphs... So Thanks so much!! If I have any good stories or crappy stories make sure to tell me or if I don't have any stories @ all. (I don't think you have to tell me if I don't have any stories at all though. XD)

12-8-11 Update!

Currently I'm working on 2 books, one with Ankita Sengupta called Love and War and you should really check that out! Also I'm probably (PROBABLY) going to start my older book Running out of Time again, you know posting updates occasionally!:))

Please read my books and comment AND FEEL FREE 2 MESSAGE ME.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!:) <3!!!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone I've been off of this site for like 2 years! :O Weird how time passes isn't it? Well I just started posting again and I have a new story called Change of Heart I'd love for you to read! :D

List of books

"Baxter loves me, not you." I shout at her. Tiffany gives me a glare. "Oh yeah we'll see about that." She spits. I know now this is war.
I just got hired at a new science laboratory of discover of medicine, as a computer analyst. But I can't help but notice there's something bizzare going on.
I've always liked loved Eli. But whenever I get near him or around him, I get nevrous. I want him to know that I like him, but whenever I try to tell, I can't cuz I don't know what he thinks.
Charlotte Greene just wants to get out of high school with straight A's and without any drama. But once she gets assigned partners with Mason Taylor it doesn't all go according to plan.