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I use my Expertise With Words,Confidence To Use Assets, Admittance To Need Comfort, Susceptibility to Bare Feet vs Shoes, and Persistence In Trying To Better Self in order to keep quality in my writing. How can I even explain my life if I only have a semi idea of what it implies? Some of what is internal within can't be seen nor deciphered in the midst of the world. I somehow manage to cope with such things though it may seem way beyond impecable to strive in this life that I live. Some of the potent substance in capacity of my inner being must cause me to adapt to learning of what circumstances of my life I should yearn and cling to.
My Life Defined:
Two Older Brothers(24 and 28)
2008 Graphite Blue Jetta SE, Black Cocker Spaniel Named Madison, Clinical Strength Deodorant, Sport's Bras, Wifebeaters, Active Shorts, Starbuck's Traditional Coffee Cakes, Coffee Bean's Malibu Dream or Tropical Passion Tea Latte, Nike and Adidas Sweat Headbands, Speak Spanish, Speak A Little Australian, Speak A Little Russian But Can Sing and Pray In It! Anti: Coconut, Cherries, Dr. Pepper,
BBQ Chips, Sport's Drinks, And
Berries Except Strawberries
This Year I Guess You Can Say I'm Trying To Make Up For The Time Lost In 2009. I Feel There Isn't A Need For A Resolution. But, Much Rather A Time To See Exactly What I'm Made Of. I Am Trying To Balance My Focus Mostly In The Books. Beyond Such, I Strive To Make Some Real Friends And Have Fun. It's Time To Make Steps Forward. It's Time For Renovation Of LIFE. No Need For Perfection, But I Will DO My Best.
Big deal I'm a nineteen year old college sophmore at Santiago Canyon College. What's so Special about such? I'm nobody important. Okay, now it's time to cut the crap and stop letting others convince me otherwise. I am who I am and nobody can Control it. What purely is Control? Maybe the reason I let people control me is because I am barely able to ultimately, adequately adapt with my tendencies that intensify my emotions to proximity.
The horridness at home drones my thoughts and in turn can leave me with a cognitive competence. (To become socially inepth AKA"Antisocial." As a result, I need to make sure I get out of the house so I don't lose it. What is"IT?" My "Mind" ,"Patience" , and in the bigger picture; My"LIFE!" What is Life in itself?!? But, a choice. This Choice makes me contemplative on whether or not I want it. Maybe it's because it's not near copastedic. But honestly, nothing in reality really is. So, as a result; I ponder how everything's even remotely supposed to this way. I surely am not. Noneless, this is what makes me the unique person that I am today. =]What is Despondency?
~Depression Of Spirits From Loss Of Courage Or Hope~This is what my life extorts. It isn't so much about the triumph, but much rather the tradgedy that has hindered my progression at School(What I Got Under My Belt): Summer Session 2009 at Fullerton College, Medical Core, Telemetry Technician, & Medical Assistant Front Office/Health Unit Coordinator at North Orange County ROP, 2010 Winter & Summer Session at Rio Hondo College. Currently Enrolled at Santiago Canyon College.

Soon To Achieve: AA Degree, BSN and .. Only Time Will Tell. College Hopping Equals FUN

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Lookback of my life with spirtual appeal.