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Sorry, everyone. I probably won't be logging on much in the future. If you were looking for advice, I may still read your work. Don't expect anything, though. It seems most people don't actually read anything I write and just type something nice and vague so I'll read and rate something of theirs. Most times, they don't even bother to rate mine. It's quite annoying when you ask for a favor but don't even return it. Good-bye indefinitely.

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It's one thing to imagine being a ghost, but it's a completely different concept to become like one. The things we witness when no one else can see us shock us more than we can ever know.
We all know pollution is bad for the environment and likewise for our health, but what if it was so toxic that it began to change us in ways we never thought possible?
These poems are the fruits of my romantic frustration (or lack thereof)