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Hi,I am 19 years old (female)and I have been writing short stories since i was 9 years old. It has been an ongoing dream of mine to become a published author.
I attend the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I am a strong believer in God. In my free time I'd like to daydream, eat, and sleep but most of the time I'm forced to do homework.I love love love writing. I love the idea of bringing people into the crazy world going on inside my mind and it only seems to get better in time. I have one brother who is 19 and mom who I live with when I'm not at my dorm.

keep on the look out for my next book titled Hersey Kiss. I hope everyone will be quick to read it and post what they think. :)

Oh, yea I just got a job working at the home depot so my chapters may be a little more spread apart; not to say i've stop writing. Please don't assume the worst!! lol
Seriously though, I will more likely than not always finish any book I start ( on this website anyway).
I really hope you enjoy my writing and I appreciate your feedback.
Feel free to leave a message to yell at me about updating my chapters! or whatever you want to mention. :)

List of books

This book was created to help you become aware of how much God is important in our lives and that without him we will miss him dearly.
Who said falling for your boss wasn't exciting? When Melanie gets a part time job working at a local sports bar she finds the perfect distraction from her life at home.
poems include feeling of hate, passion, fear,etc.
A woman is faced with a hard choice after the murder of her husband.
About a young boy named Jace who learns to appreciate everythig that is special about him.
Ronald McKensey is a real estate agent with a dark side. Don't piss him off. Plz read. it's very short