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I love eating chocolates and sweets. :)

Things I love the most


I love reading books, I'm a nerd. and so? I'm proud of it.
I'm a nerd, a book Lover. I focused mostly on Romance and fantasy.
I'm kind(based on what my friends told me.)
I can be really hilarious when I choose to. My naughtiness is very infectious so beware.:)
haha. just kidding.
*I'm also good at giving Love advices, so if you really need someone to talk to, I'm always here, ready to listen.
whenever I have this jumbled feelings, I would take out a paper and pen and just write down what I'm feeling at that moment 'cause writing helps me express myself better.
I am jack of all trades but master to none.

Since I love books so much and had read a lot of it, sometimes I could predict what would happen next in the story. When it doesn't go as I would it to end,
I'm very frustrated so I decided to write something of my own. I can't say that i'm a good writer 'cause I every now and then, I'm grammatically wrong. Having a vivid imagination is very helpful but there are times when I can't seem to find the right word to fit the description..
But anyway i'll try it.

I started as a reader and had read some of the works that was posted here. I wanted to create my own world and share it to other people, the a thought struck me. "why not? I could be wrieter too someday."
I continued browsing and was amazed by the creativeness of the writers, specially those who are at the same age as mine.

(If you saw some incorrect spelling, grammar etc. please, I would gladly appreciate it if you would point it out. Thanks. :] )

List of books

Dreams come true..... that's what she thought But has it all come true? Dreams of going to outer space, believing in Gods....... Once Alannie's Dreams come true of going out the outer space, she will
She forgot about him, and the times they were together, But will love remind her
I never thought my life would become a lot more complicated. I never thought this time would come, when nothing would be left in me but the past.