Elisabeth Heroux
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Country: United States

I love reading and writing, but on top of that I love expressing what I really feel. One of my friends told me about this website and I thought that this would be a perfect site for me to be able to show everyone my work, and to get some constructive criticism on how I can make my work better.

List of books

Taylor Jones moves in with her father to start over. She starts in a new school, and is introduced to a Marcus, and extremely hot male; is he who he says he is?
Young Adult
Phoebe Jenkins is the new girl who falls for the head football player. But after one short weekend at the end of her Junior year, everything that she thought was perfect, isn't.
Young Adult
Dillian was just your average Plain Jane, or so she thought; her best friend Mel, however, was the polar opposite. Mel's lucky life and portal into the celebrity life gave Dillian a chance at luck.
Young Adult