Kayla Beth
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Well my name is Kayla and my middle name is Beth hence the pen name. I'm 14 years old and im in 10th grade.
Somethings about me:
*Im in 5 dance classes and loving every minute of it
*I play volleyball
*I play basketball
*In love with music
*Favorite color would be blue or purple
*Favorite animal is a turtle, elephant, or penguin
*Im a very loud and outgoing person
*I love forensics and medicine
*And im done boring you with the boring stuff about me
The book I have on here is the first book I've ever wrote and it's a work in progress so hang in there with me. I know it's not the best but hey read it anyways.
Im all for you guys critizing my work as long as it constructive. Well if you wanna know more about me or have any ideas on how to make my book better message me:)I'd love to hear from you.
Also I love reading others work so if you want me to read a book of yours message me and i'll read it whenever I can.

List of books

After Lena is abused by one of the people she thought she could trust the most will she learn to let people in again?
Young Adult