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I love writing and reading and I really want to be an author. I love the colour blue but loathe the colour pink.
My absolute fav books on here that I totally recommend are:
Complicated by polina aronova
<3 Hate me with Love<3 by Spindlegal
Lone Wolf (Complete) by Lasombra
Deadly Memories by Cindy M. Catalan
In The Shadows by Cindy M. Catalan
Sacrifices by neecy
For Writers by Cindy M. Catalan (really good tips if you're a writer!
Nightmare by Ash Night
Harmony Honor Destruction by Raquel Marin
The Ordeal by Nadia Branchworth
Unknown ;DD by sweettart224
Suviving Senior Year by sweettart224
Coven v. Coven by Kiara Smith
Vampire Bats by Einnala
Tears of an Angel by The Anonymous Writer

Thank you so much Cindy Catalan for supporting me and helping me through writing Fallen Love! You rock!

Please comment on my stories! I really really appreciate your feedback!!
I will read your books if you ask or comment on mine.

List of books

Now she knew, how could she live the average human life....