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Hey, I'm Kalentra.
Most of my stories, as you may have noticed, are fanfictions. I enjoy writing fanfictions because it gives a whole new view on something that once seemed simple.
I am a shipper, as in I take two characters from the shows that I love and I believe them to be together, and it relates into my books. My favorite ship is ZaDR, which is Zim and Dib Romance, from the old show Invader Zim.
I also write poems, which I hope you will enjoy as well in my book titled 'Music Saves my Soul'.
Thanks if you take the time to read, I appreciate any feedback I can get on my books(:

Fun facts about me::
-I love Invader Zim!
-I am an obsesser (o.O i obsess over stuff easily)
-I love to write (duh)
-Music Saves my Soul (as in it is really important to me)
-I'm kinda scene//Sorry for all you haters but honestly I couldn't care less what you think of me
-I do not believe in love at first sight (sorry fictional believers)
-At meh skool, I'm referred to as "That Creepy Emo Gurl", cause they're all stereotypical *cough*holes
-I am a teenager. But that's all your getting out of me! *cough*stalkers*cough*
-I'm random
-I drink coffee (couldn't live without it)
-I love Three Musketeers!! Yummy
-I know everything about Avatar:The Last Airbender. Seriously. Quiz me.
-And this concludes our funfacts *applause* Thank you, Thank you!

List of books

I don't even remember writing some of these poems, it was so long ago. But I hope that you like them.
Zim never imagined that Dib would one day own him. He never thought he would take on the role of the victim, with a human as the master.
Fan fiction
Zim and Dib both kind of accept Mickey into their 'outcast' group. Will Mickey learn something knew about herself, as well as both of them?
Fan fiction