Gary J. Honeman
Member since Monday, 8 November 2010
Country: United States

Writing. For my age; I am considerably intelligent when it comes to literature, and I am currently working on a novel, which I have no intention to discuss at the moment. However, there are times when I don't wish to write my long-time novel, but instead, I write simple short stories of which I drain any and all of my mind blocking thoughts into; this can range from simple children's stories, to stories fit for a college student.

Those publishers interested in my profile; chances are that you can contact me through my E-Mail, as I don't always answer my phone. If I were to always answer my phone, it would be ignorant, as I had said I was advanced for my age; sixteen years. So I'm, naturally, in school. Currently, my novel has over 40,000 words into it of the projected 100,000 total required for it to achieve full status as a complete novel.
I understand the publishing industry can be a bit of a female dog at times, but alas, I plan to publish my first book before summer 2012. If college doesn't take the proper course, I will resort to full-time writing for a living.

To avoid rambling further, I conclude my description with my signature phrase: Have a good'n.