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I'm a being of solitary, I love the quiet, peacful dark and the feeling of that cool breeze that comes with it. I'm what some might consider Emo and I'm fine with that. Along with writting books I also write poetry
I'm the person who at first glance you'd think was depresed, but I love to act depressed and it gives everyone around me a rush and smile.
Now acording to wikipedia I have*^*SUPER-POWERS*^* so tell them thank you for strocking my ego
11/26/2010-I have realised I will always be somewhat depressed, no matter how happy.
~Fires are mean, they eat everything. Thier would be more obesse fires ,if they wern't always running around.

warning emo racism
``"I'm not emo, I cut other people"
''I didn't kill myself, i paid someone else to do it, like all the cool suicdes.

~>92% of the teen population would be dead if Abercrombie and Fitch said breathing wasn't cool. Only put this on your "About the Author" if you would be among the 8% LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF!!!!!

98% of teens would die if Edward and Bella killed themselves. I will be with other 2% laughing saying "DO IT!!!! YOU HEARTBREAKERS"
95% of teens would die if Miley jumped of a cliff. Put this on your about me if you are the other 5% percent yelling "JUMP SKANK! JUMP!! ╔═╦══╦═╗ Put this on your ║╩╣║║║║║ site if you are or
╚═╩╩╩╩═╝ support Emos

List of books

Poetry is oreder from caos, a definition to life, and where the soul is. I wrote poetry as a means of escape for me and my bottled up emotions,but now I write them still as a means of escapeAnd fun
-This is to give credit to those who deservie it. So if you know someone who deserves some recognition, or if you would like to send yours in, then go ahead.Read on for rules.
Fan fiction
This ia a song I wrote, and it includes foot notes so i hope you enjoyy
This is based off a dream I had. For further expo read on.
futeristic, sy-fy, and fantasy collide in this suspenseful(Sorry about the spelling)story filled with questions... Its here finaly a futeristic story about creatures of the night and so and so.....
If you thought you were the last of your kind, how would you react to finding your ansesters home world, and other humans?
Jack's fianca was killed last month by the local time hoppers. He couldn't handle the pain, and wound up in a mental institute, but now he is out lokin for some trouble.
Do not read this if you know who I am.
A boy, barley a man must survive a post-apocalyptic world on almost nothing and friendship alone.
My friend was joking guessing(Wrong)that my book was tittled "12 Ways To Kill Yourself" so I decided to write this as a comady
Blackmail, betral, sucidal, secrets, gossip, and fall guys all your normal high school stuff, right?
Theirs a self proclaimed loner who no one knows except for a select few, and a preep who everyone knows. They've knew of the others existence for a while, but feel in love unexpectedly.
This is basickly a writting prodject I did at school about how writting saved me.