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I fell in love with writing a couple months back and enjoyed reading since I was 9. I have a big imagination and I'm very friendly so message me.
I am working on two stories right now.
Also as you can tell I'm not the best in grammar but I do what I love and I love writing so I will continue to write my stories.

If any of you guys want another great book you should read "Escaping The Elements" and "Fallen Love" which can be found here on this site!
Its a great book that i personaly love reading.

Oh, and I change my books sometimes so if something seems different about it one day then it is probably because I changed it.

My Favorite Book Here Are:
-Fallen Love by Shazza
-Nightlight by Labyrinth
-Escaping The Elements by Selena
-My Boyfriend is a Vampire by J.K. Kirkland
-Behind The Screen by angeliqueanangels
-Breathless [Book #1] by Sapphire B.
-Rules Of Love by J. N. M.

Also guys, Im sorry I haven't been posting chapters so often because I've been pretty busy. I promise I will post new chapters as soon as I can!

Dream big. Love life. Bring Peace.

Thanks for reading!

List of books

Love Conquers Character Profiles and Pictures! Much more about them and history of life.
Here we go again Deadly Readers! This is a short book for the fans of my old book (Deadly Memories).
Irene is a young vampire with a new life. She isn't able to remember her past life, her human life. She tries to find out her real purpose of life but...
Valerie Lynn Summers is a normal girl living a normal life... Until the new guy comes in.
Short stories about vampires and other mystical creatures...
Short Stories