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Well im very strong hearted and i always write about things that make me happy and or is just bugging me to be written.

sometimes i make story's out of dreams i have, that is how my books really come to be.

I may be very small, actually im fun size (get it right people!) but im very strong minded, with a heart to match.

my hair is black, very dark, like the stories i create, i believe the evil that roams my stories like mist on a field, is the most important part.....

im very shy and i am giving all the courage i have to post some of my stories here. trust me, its like bringing your five year old to a house full of sex offenders..... that's how hard it is for me.....

but im super nice and like baking!!!:D and i will always write, no matter what! and please dont take anything from me. i love creating plots and helping people start their own stories that always seem to be better than mine.

so i will always help you if asked. no questions against you.

List of books

Fivers young daughter finds herself madly in love with Clovers eldest son, Scabious. Hardly ever casting a glance her way, he soon finds himself relaying on Raindrop far away from home for survival.
Fan fiction
Mortal Parthenia is a choosen bloodline decendant from the zodiac goodess of her choosen beasts throne. the lattest godess is gone, leaving Parthenia to travel the sacred quest to take her spot
Tinyhowl has finished her mission to find the leader of Burrclan. Now Coldnight has to save all the clans without her. all through the time her life is thrown in a spiral of confusion.
Fan fiction