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Hey peoples! :3 I'm "WolfLover" and my theme with books is wolfs, werewolfs and cats. :3

Two people on this site that I know are Hannahheart16 (My best friend) and my sister Vanstania. (These are their USERNAMES peoples!) Look up their books, but mine are better. >XD

I've often been told that I'm good at novels and poetry, and so go ahead and take a look. Don't comment meanly on my books, I WILL retaliate. (Constructive criticism is an exception. :3)

I DONT write short stories or children stories (Though I'm good at humour books to a point, though I don't usually write them, either.) because I suck at writing them. D:

I'm obsessed with a movie called Sweeney todd: The demon barber of fleet street and I'm not afraid to show it: lol. Its about a barber who kills people with a straight razor and she bakes them into pies. :D

I think I'm a very good writer, given I don't rush into plots, try to correct my punctuation errors, use descriptive words, have finished one book completely, have often been told so by strangers and friends, and more.

A caution to my writing, I can describe gore pretty badly. I will nearly always use censors on swear words, but half the time I won't censor the b word. Overall, just be warned when you read one of my R13 books that its rated that for a reason. Most likely highly descriptive gore, lots of deaths or swearing. I try to avoid extremely, highly or even medium sexual stuff and stick to the more PG kind of stuff. Most of my books are R13 and that, so yea.

List of books

One day, Lexie finds out that she is a werewolf, and must explore many secrets just to find out what happened to her, and why. Rate and comment. X3 Rated R13 for described violence and themes.
Just a bit of poetry I thought up. :3 about puppys and life and death and more and candles and light bulbs and forests and floors.
Rated R13 for fairly intense gore. Rating pending.
What happens when young Christina finds a strange amulet in her house's amulet? And what happens when she finds HERSELF in a place she never knew existed?
In this book, ask me a question (Any question) down in the comments section and I answer it. :3 More details in the introduction of the book.
Non Fiction
Eloise just wants to be normal, like any other person. One eventful day she runs into the woods to escape a pack of bullies, only to stumble across a hidden cave, hiding a secret within it...
When Akhilesh is taken from his pack by humans, how will he ever return?
At the moment I'm writing a song parody for 'how bad can I be' called: Troll dad I can be. XD
In Fireclan, it is known that choices determine life. Whether you are good or bad. Anyone who likes warrior cats will also enjoy reading this tale of lies, deception and one kits shadowy past.
Fan fiction
They'll take you if you come back positive. They claim you 'pose a threat' to society. When Gabriel comes back positive, however, she will uncover a dark secret...
Young Adult