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As June 16th, you may have noticed that many (if not all) of my books have been deleted from Worthy of Publishing. No, I don't plan to send of my manuscripts to literary agencies. And no, it isn't because people have been stealing my ideas. It's the fact that I given up. I lost faith in myself, as well as in my writing. There are some really talented people on this website who deserve 5-stars way more than I do. I'm simply, a thirteen-year-old girl who tries to write--but can't. Not that good anyways. Maybe writing and I was never meant to be...and feel as if all this time I dwindled down on one story which is still a devoid of nothing--is wasted. Because half of the stories I write, I realize it's already similar to books already out there. And unfortunately, I can never get that time back. I won't leave Worthy of Publishing. I like the fact that you all warmly welcomed me to the WoP family and treat me as one of your own. Books will no longer be posted as of today. But I will gladly review one of your stories if you'd like. Keep dreamin'. :)

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List of books

This vamp princess will do anything to avoid an arranged marriage at all costs. Even if it means pretending to be in love with a human. But is it worth putting herself and the boy in mortal danger?
Young Adult
Forever Memories is a heartfelt collection of vignettes telling one girlís yearning for change, hope for love, and dreams of tomorrow.