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I've been a writer for most of my life. By age ten I'd written past that number in short stories. By age twelve I decided I'd write my first book.
Those early short stories were chaotic, and I never finished that first book, but I didn't stop writing. Now I'm trying to take my writing even further. I'm studying and improving things like: grammar, spelling, pacing, and other writing techniques, and I'm more open to critiques.
I finally finished a first draft of my first novel, not long after high school. I self published it, but I didn't market it, and the book didn't sell well. Now, with the passing of some time and improvements in skill and knowlwege, I've decided to revise the book (which was technically just a first draft and never truly a finished novel).

List of books

Three high school girls, Amanda, Dona and Michella, all have their dreams: popularity, getting out of Kansas, and, of course, boys. ...but, how is it possible for the same name to bring together all
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