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Hmm, I really needed to change this, I still had that stupid emo dragon conversation up :P

I don't suffer from insanity; I enjoy every minute of it.

Anyways, I'm Rachel. An insanely beautiful girl. A vegetarian with the heart of gold. Just about the most awesomest person you'll ever meet. Writer extraordinary, great at everything. Extremely humble too.

So, here are some books on here you HAVE to read. I repeat, HAVE to read. Or else..

Lockdown and the sequel My life, Beaten by IAmTheRealET (or not, this girls a JERK :P Just kidding, Erin I love you!)
Dust Bunnies and Other Lies by NashedPotatoes
Users and Abusers, and the sequel Untitled by iHeart. LadySovereign (she changes her username a lot, so by the time you read this, it'll probably be different.)
And, I'm too lazy to list them all, so any and all books by Lacey Raine. She writes too much. I can't keep up with her :(

Whoa, just about all those books involve child abuse...I feel like such a nice person...

A warning to all, watch out for the user who thinks she is a potato. She is pure insanity. The good kind, but insanity nonetheless.

Anyways, if you need anything, anything at ALL (unless it's something stupid. Yes, I'm looking at you) message me!

List of books

Grace thinks her life is perfect. Her boyfriend Mike is being abused by someone he use to trust. Everyone around them is either lying or keeping secrets or both. Knowing the truth only makes it worse.
Young Adult
Jason has been abused by his mother and stepfather for years. Now that he's in foster care, he has a chance at a normal life. But how far will he go to be perfect enough to earn his new family's love?
Young Adult
After being abused by his mother and stepfather and trying to be perfect for his foster family, Jason's determined to live a normal and happy life with his dad. But things don't always work out...
Young Adult
Since he was seven, Jason has lived with his abusive mother and stepfather, living closed off to others. When a new girl moves in next door can she show him the life and love he never believed in?
Young Adult
Landon has lived with his crazy abusive mother, his equally as bad brother Kane, and his mother's boyfriend who hates him. When his oldest brother and best friend Jonas leaves, things only get worse.
Young Adult
Even with his life in pieces, River promises to take care of his sister Aubrey for his now dead mother. But what can he do when doesn't know how to take care of himself?
Young Adult