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I am a 15 year old aspiring writer, and my only wish is to become a published author. I am studying Witch Craft and I am probably the weirdest person at my school. I am a normal teenage girl, acne, crushes, greasy hair, out of control hormones, etc. My life is kinda sorta a living hell. I only want to be with my books, music, and drawings. I love to do many things, read, draw, sing, play instruments. So far I play flute and I am learning guitar.
I don't like running,
hot weather,
ppl who are too chicken to watch a scary movie (its not real! Come on!)
my brother most of the time,
and being broke when i want to go shopping.

I LOVE playing flute,
talking with friends,
acting six years younger (i do that for fun, but i am very mature)
purple (my all time favorite color) playing with my numerous pets
and staying up all night:D )O(

List of books

The forbidden love of a demon and human, threatened to be torn apart by the servants of heaven. Thats right, angels are sent to destroy the demon/human affair. Will they succeed?
Young Adult
A fan fiction about an adult novel, is slightly graphic.
Fan fiction