Anne Locke
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I am a bit weird sometimes, but I love meeting new people... I love reading and writing, photography and fashion (I hope to become a fashion designer someday). I also want to publish a book (that is currently not finished, but I am working on it ^_^). I love to help new writers and give them any advice that I know, so if you want me to I will critique part of your story just send me the link :) ...that's all I can think of, so bye for now ^_^

List of books

Everyone goes through struggles, I just decided to write mine down.
Random writing exercises and excerpts from stories bouncing around in my head and anything else I feel like posting.
Young Adult
Two separate lives. Father and husband by day - Mafia assassin by night.
A military unit from a separate dimension is sent to earth to prevent a war by “eliminating” specific people.
Young Adult
A highly trained military leader, struggles with guilt over what she has done when the impossible happens. The past comes back to life and wants her dead.
Young Adult