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We realize there are a lot of very talented writers, who don’t always get their work published, sometimes due to the volume of manuscripts being submitted to publishers.

It is estimated that less than 1% of manuscripts submitted to publishers end up being accepted. It is arguable that what does end up getting published isn’t always what the market wants to buy either, with an estimated 70% of books published not making a profit for the respective publishers. Bookstores / retailers can’t afford to stock books on their precious shelf space that aren’t selling, so they soon send newly published books back to the publisher for a full refund if after two or three weeks people aren’t buying them.   

Worthyofpublishing.com gives authors / writers the opportunity to gain free market feedback on their manuscripts, and the possibility of attracting a publisher if there is strong market demand for their book.  

How does it work? If you are passionate about writing and would love to gain valuable market feedback on your manuscript, simply submit chapters of your book to the website for the general public to read, rate and comment on. If you get an overwhelmingly positive response, then adding more chapters as you write them is strongly recommended, as this will help you to create a greater following and potential customer base.  

To help you sell more books, Worthyofpublishing.com promotes your book to readers, who have asked to be notified once your book becomes published through one of our registered publishers.  

We appreciate some people’s concerns initially regarding copyright infringement, and we have taken steps to minimize the chances of this happening. For example, we have eliminated the ability for readers to use the copy and paste function on the website, and at the bottom of every book appearing on the website, we remind readers to please respect the author’s copyright. However, we deeply believe that true talent cannot be taken away or stolen by anyone else. “The more you give readers, the more you receive. If your hand is open to give, it is also open to receive”.  

If you have self published a book and it is available to purchase on a website already, then click here to learn how to sell more books through worthyofpublishing.com. 

If you love reading books, then you can enjoy reading books online for free and rate the material from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent). Don’t forget to leave constructive comments or positive feedback for the authors too. 

Enjoy the website.

Meet the Founding Team

Aaron Cook is the Managing Director and founder of Worthyofpublishing.com.
He has launched and grown the website very rapidly through his experience and connections gained from a background in media and marketing. Aaron bought his first investment property at age 21 and today owns a portfolio of properties and businesses.

You Shao (Betty) originally from China is the co-director of worthyofpublishing.com and conceptualized the idea in early 2007.

Betty completed her Bachelor of Commerce, Postgraduate Diploma (graduate with distinction) and Master of Commerce (first class honours) degrees from University of Auckland, major in International Business. She has been granted University of Auckland flexible doctoral scholarship, and in the process of completing her PhD with research interest in strategy, strategic behaviours and competitive dynamics.

Lance Wolters is the website developer for Worthy of Publishing. Lance has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Auckland with majors in marketing and management, and has extensive experience in building intelligent websites.

Lance is married with a son, and hopes to someday own a recording studio.