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Nora is safe, happy as ever with Patch. Until the archangels' rules come between them. Crescendo originally written by Becca Fitzpatrick, published by Simon&Shuster. Book 2 of Hush, Hush series.
Melinda knows her best friend is going to the prom with her rapist, and she knows her best friend does not beliebe Andy raped her. But she has to go to the prom to make sure nothing happens to her.
Fan fiction
Zim never imagined that Dib would one day own him. He never thought he would take on the role of the victim, with a human as the master.
Fan fiction
Beauty Facts Tips And Tricks Of Beauty gurus how to guide for teen girls a most have guide for teen girls
Young Adult
Can a young mother make it on her own? 19 year old Sherry, was a victim of rape, 2 years ago. Now her daughter is a reminder of what happened that awful night.
Young Adult
Come and read a load of stories which I've started, but not finished. Any you'd like to read more of? Leave a comment, and I might finish it off.
Short Stories
It is a raw and funny account of Betty's life as she falls in love with a married man. There are family tragedy's along the way but the biggest tragedy is her pregnancy.
Then bad things start happening around her. Is her gift a curse, or is the cause something else entirely?
I couldn't write this as a Facebook note, so I decided to write it here. Anyways, no R&R needed, as it's sheerly for mine and my friends' entertainment.
Fan fiction
15 CRAZED Years Trying to Sell Alec Baldwin "Providence". Pitches to Hollywood Producers, Production Companies and Movie Stars frame a redemptive trip of mental anguish.
Non Fiction