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Death is what brought them to the Orginazation. Killing has been in their blood since birth.
The fascinating history and culture behind future steel buildings is explored in this e-book. Learn all about Future Steel Buildings across the industry.
Non Fiction
Love Conquers Character Profiles and Pictures! Much more about them and history of life.
Just some small stories, chapter snippets that didn't make the cut and fan fiction that I enter in competitions on deviantArt.
Short Stories
Gerard Way has suffered from an illness since a young child, an illness only pills could take away. But one day when his eyes land on a girl, the voices in his head tells him to kidnap her. So he does
Fan fiction
Sarah leaves home a year after the "Incident". The CS (child services) decided her big brother was no where near a apporpite home... not a big shocker there. But Sarah doesn't want to go.
Young Adult
Patch has to kill Nora to become human. But how could he, when he was falling in love with her? -Hush, Hush, orginally written by Becca Fitzpatrick, published by Simon&Shuster
Melinda knows her best friend is going to the prom with her rapist, and she knows her best friend does not beliebe Andy raped her. But she has to go to the prom to make sure nothing happens to her.
Fan fiction
Can a young mother make it on her own? 19 year old Sherry, was a victim of rape, 2 years ago. Now her daughter is a reminder of what happened that awful night.
Young Adult
Four desperately unhappy women form a group around an unorthodox therapist who leads them out of their abuse and they reciprocate in a strange way. But there are many twists.