My Maximum Ride

JewelRocks Wednesday, 2 October 2013
As long as you don't destroy such a great story.
Blackrose513 Friday, 15 March 2013
Nice you did great im acctualy reading omg
Amanda J. Silberg Monday, 23 July 2012
I agree with Steve, but other than that; it's good! :-)
Steven Cash Sunday, 22 July 2012
Um... you need spacing. Like, REALLY need spacing.
Blackrose513 Friday, 15 March 2013
yea more spaces
Abby Vandiver Monday, 23 July 2012
There are too many grammatical errors in this to even understand what it is about. You need spaces, you need more paragraphs and you need to fill it in with some descriptions.
kaykay Saturday, 24 November 2012
PErsonally... I think you shouldn't chaneg POV that much... Rate mine?
EvanescenceFreak Thursday, 20 June 2013
I'm a writer who is very young. I'm only 11. For my age, I think I am doing pretty well. I have my other books so enjoy please!

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