Romeo And Juliet Roller Coaster

!!!Hellz Yeah!!! Tuesday, 21 August 2012
I Love Jude but, I LOVE Haden the most :) Keep on writting it's the best.
nicole :) Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Hey! I would really appreciate it if you guys checked out my story. It is called Contagious and it is basically a romance but it definitely has action, suspense and drama. If you guys do read it I would appreciate if you rate and comment! Want me to read one of your books? Just leave a comment with the title or just message me! Thanks and keep on writing! :)(Love the choice of charaters btw!!)
zxcvbnm, Thursday, 29 December 2011
i love Jude's eyes! lol Mac, Hayden, and Jude are my faves :P
C.C Phoenixx Friday, 15 April 2011
I'm not really sure who that is && I got that pic from Weheartit. (:
Sahar Friday, 15 April 2011
who is that really? where did you get that picture?
MaddieBear c: Thursday, 7 April 2011
hahaha i like mac,hayden bear,and jude
blues ok,monroe which also spelled as munro seems strange and looks ok
Kx Wednesday, 6 April 2011
I must agree with Electropop...Mac's definitely a cutie(;

I like more of preppy types, so I think Blue's pretty good looking, too<3

P.S. I love Jude's whiskers!

&& One more thing: JUDE IS SO NAWT GONNA DYE HIS HAIR, RIGHT? RIGHT?! I think I might cry if he does. Please don't do it Claire! D:
Melanie Robinson Wednesday, 6 April 2011
aww, cute. except, now I have more of a crush on Mac, picture-wise, anyway :3
Avalon Maya. Friday, 1 April 2011
She looks freakin' MINT! XD LOVE the hair. :P
C.C Phoenixx Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Calm ur nipsss Maya(: It'll all be explaineedddd sooon (;
Katrina Lonestar Wednesday, 30 March 2011
whatever happened to Bam's half shaved head? other than that, it's just like I imagined her...
babygurljrl Friday, 3 February 2012
Hi I think I found a spelling error in the line where it is talking about the Mom and her boyfriends it says "She was quiet pretty for her age" I am pretty sure you meant "She was QUITE pretty for her age"
Sharpie(: Thursday, 21 July 2011
Isabel Rod Thursday, 2 June 2011
Agh, I JUST found this! I didn't even realize there was a sequal...:( Well, anyway, it's kick-ass just like the first so far.
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 30 March 2011
YEAH! I love this!
MaddieBear c: Wednesday, 30 March 2011
haha shes awesome!!! i love the name ofthe sqeual!!!
homewrecker:) Wednesday, 30 March 2011
upadate soon
Kalifornia Gurl Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Update like soon!
Salamandear Wednesday, 30 March 2011
LOVE IT, post soon:)
chaseyourdreams<3<3 Wednesday, 30 March 2011
love ittt! update soooon!!!
Jaye Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Love it!
john2054 Wednesday, 28 August 2013
I'm sorry mate but i'm really tired of reading this kind of drivel on here. Themeless and structure less fictions do not a good book make!
Sharpie(: Thursday, 21 July 2011
Mistie_Rose Sunday, 10 July 2011
No wonder Hayden is my favorite character, he reminds me of my friends. hahahaha
Cresil21 Sunday, 17 April 2011
Hayden is epic! (Once again.)
MaddieBear c: Thursday, 7 April 2011
shreya my mom saw me laughing so hard she also thought i was high prob becuase i alsao had a peremnt marker next to me :P shes a strange mom *rolls eyes mentally*
Shreya S. Friday, 1 April 2011
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... That was hilarious. I was laughing so hard, my mom thought I was high. lol,
rainbowchick Thursday, 31 March 2011
I'm in love with this serise!! ahhhhhh write moreeeeeee:) please
Jaye Thursday, 31 March 2011
I so want to do what Hayden did now! Except I'll have to find some Spongebob boxers...
bunter Thursday, 31 March 2011
lets hurry up with the chapters please
Melanie Robinson Thursday, 31 March 2011
omg. I loved this chappy. Hayden is exactly what she needs in a best friend; I love him. <3.
Kalifornia Gurl Thursday, 31 March 2011
hurry up I want to read more!!!!!!!! :)
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 30 March 2011
OOOOH! I cannot wait for the next chapter!
C.E. Hutchinson Wednesday, 30 March 2011
Hayden is awesome:) Please update soon!
Lowshie Wednesday, 30 March 2011
cute :)
clairee Wednesday, 12 September 2012
TEAM HAYDEN ! lol jk sorta buuuuuut, my name is Claire too!
Kalifornia Gurl Friday, 1 April 2011
Ladia - lace Friday, 1 April 2011
I <3 this book and the one before. Can't believe your only thirteen!!
Melanie Robinson Thursday, 31 March 2011
ohhhwow. moooore :D
637974 Thursday, 31 March 2011
chaseyourdreams<3<3 Thursday, 31 March 2011
I want more! and i want to know what happened with the last boyfriend! TELL!
Elena Hathaway Sunday, 3 April 2011
I LOVE THIS! And yeah, agreeing with maddie bear!! ,3--how did he save her? Are we going to know? EEEK!!!!!!!!!!
MaddieBear c: Saturday, 2 April 2011
HOW DID HE SAVE HER!!!!!??????
chaseyourdreams<3<3 Saturday, 2 April 2011
God, plz tell us how Jude saved her? I'm DYING here! AND YOU WOULD BE THE MURDERER! sorry I just really, really want to know, next chappie plz tell??
Kalifornia Gurl Saturday, 2 April 2011
HA! Love it!
637974 Friday, 1 April 2011
This is great!
Avalon Maya. Friday, 1 April 2011
Thats hilarious. Super hilarious. It's brilliant. XD
clairee Wednesday, 12 September 2012
Two words... HAY-DEN. That is all.
Sharpie(: Thursday, 21 July 2011
Jude, don't hurt Bam. If you do, I will jump through this computer, and snap your neck with my bare hands... Love the book ;)
Mehh Sunday, 17 April 2011
This is the best : )
Katrina Lonestar Monday, 4 April 2011
these books are addictive...
Avalon Maya. Sunday, 3 April 2011
Amazing. :) Simple as that. One thing; are these chapters shorter than the ones in the first one? 'Cause they seem shorter.
Dev Sunday, 3 April 2011
OMG so awesome!!! cant wait to read more!
Elena Hathaway Sunday, 3 April 2011
POST MORE QUICK!!!!! I am dying of anxiety here. Seriously, I am.
Ladia - lace Sunday, 3 April 2011
I need more! :3
Kalifornia Gurl Sunday, 3 April 2011
Melanie Robinson Saturday, 2 April 2011
oooh, I liked that chapter. mooooore :3
KitKat =) Monday, 19 September 2011
so good! but I hate her mum's boyfriend...
Isabel Rod Thursday, 2 June 2011
Steammmmeh. Hahaha!
Elena Hathaway Friday, 22 April 2011
LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katrina Lonestar Friday, 8 April 2011
I think you mean sweeter, not sweater. sweaters are those fuzzy things that look slightly more dignified than sweatshirts.
NikkiSaysRawr ;D Thursday, 7 April 2011
Sooooo Good, add more?Yesh!
Mind reading my Shady's Shadows
Salamandear Thursday, 7 April 2011
POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Roza* Wednesday, 6 April 2011
Things were a-steaming up there! =D I love this story so much. Seriously, lke everyone else is saying, post MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, if you could tell me where her mom's ex-boyfriend is so I can go murder him, that'd be sweet too. =D =D ;D
MiseryRose Wednesday, 6 April 2011
Lol that was HOT!!! Post more pronto please. Can't wait for more! And that was cute. He can call her by her first name. Her moms ex boyfriend however is a pervert and should be areested and put in jail. Please tell me he is.
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 6 April 2011
POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beggin' on my knees here (not really)! But really, post more!!!
Melanie Robinson Wednesday, 6 April 2011
awww, more :3
C.E. Hutchinson Tuesday, 5 April 2011
Update soon please.
Kalifornia Gurl Tuesday, 5 April 2011
Awh! How Cute!:) Post more!
MaddieBear c: Tuesday, 5 April 2011
ohh i love it... i liked her dream that was a cool part!!!! YOU ROCK!! :)
Mehh Sunday, 17 April 2011
why do you make me love this so much? LOL this is the bestest :)
Melanie Robinson Sunday, 10 April 2011
ahh, loved it (again). mooore x
Elena Hathaway Sunday, 10 April 2011
THIS IS AMAZING! And yay, I'm the first comment on this chapter! -D Loving it, write more, "pwitty please!"
Mehh Sunday, 17 April 2011
Aww that is so sweet....the text I mean :) Butt pirate? That's a good one, mind if I use it? ; P
MaddieBear c: Wednesday, 13 April 2011
I am a bam lover lol love it!! post more soon
Kalifornia Gurl Wednesday, 13 April 2011
LOVE THE LAST PART!:) Jude is a super super good actor! POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 13 April 2011
LMAO at that last part, it was so cute and sweet. And yeah, Jude is a good actor, though if you ask me he went a little overboard with the whole "guess who i scored" thing. My opinion only, but I loved this chapter! KEEP WRITING PRETTY PLEASE!|!!!
Peace&Love1995 Wednesday, 13 April 2011
haha! love the last part
i always call one of my friends a butt pirate!......
Jaay Dee Tuesday, 12 April 2011
One of my favourite books on this site :) LOVE IT. Cant wait for more! x
637974 Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Aw, that last part was cute :)
Avalon Maya. Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Wow, im surprised that all workes, I would have though they would have messed up sometime in that. But Jude is a good actor. Bam isnt though, and that's where i thought they were gonna mess up.
Amazing chapter though, Claire. :D
kandykane Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Melanie Robinson Tuesday, 12 April 2011
ahh, this just gets better and better. more, once again. :D

p.s. yaaay, first comment :3
Melanie Robinson Tuesday, 12 April 2011
ahh, this just gets better and better. more, once again. :D

p.s. yaaay, first comment :3
Mehh Sunday, 17 April 2011
They are so adorable together
MaddieBear c: Thursday, 14 April 2011
awww the last part was cute! im on team jude and bam! forget team blue hes too ugh not letting them date!
Melanie Robinson Thursday, 14 April 2011
aww, that chapter was especially amazing. I loved it, and I /love/ Jude. More :) x
rainbowchick Thursday, 14 April 2011
loooooooooove it:)
Elena Hathaway Thursday, 14 April 2011
This is so cute! I love this book so much! It is seriously got a permanent spot on My Favorites list, as well as the first one!

POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sahar Wednesday, 13 April 2011
cute-sies! :P
Isabel Rod Thursday, 2 June 2011
Bahahaha. Nice Jude. LOL
Melanie Robinson Tuesday, 19 April 2011
love it. mooooooooore! <3
Cresil21 Sunday, 17 April 2011
I hope Monroe doesn't fall in love with Bam, like in every book like this a random guy appears (Monroe) and has the upper hand (lives with Bam) then gets between them (Jude&Bam) in the moment they have it worst(not being able to be together).
Mehh Sunday, 17 April 2011
I am in love with Jude. Literally : D
Mehh Sunday, 17 April 2011
I am in love with Jude. Literally : D
MaddieBear c: Saturday, 16 April 2011
i love jude!!! post more im addicted!!
Kalifornia Gurl Friday, 15 April 2011
I love Jude :) POST MORE!
Elena Hathaway Friday, 15 April 2011
This is so addicting. Though Jude kind of brought it on himself. I still love ya, Jude! And Bammie too! POST MORE PWEASE!
637974 Friday, 15 April 2011
Aww :)
MaddieBear c: Wednesday, 20 April 2011
awww jude-ie sad!! i love jude!!!!! and i agree with hear*me aswell she has been growing! amazing writer!
Shreya S. Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Awww... I feel so bad for Jude. I agree with Hear*Me, Im really starting to love the characters as if they are my own friends. With most books, the sequel ruins it, but I think with this one, its developing the characters and plot even better and we get to see a softer side of Jude. I love Bam so much too. Overall you're doing a great job with the book and Im so glad that you've been updating fast. I look forward to your updates soooo much everyday. Good job with the book, you really are an amazing writer!
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Awww. So sweet. Poor Jude. I'm really liking how Bam is growing, just her character in general, you know? AMAZING WRITING!!!! WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
637974 Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Poor guy
S.D. Williams Tuesday, 19 April 2011
Amazing!! I love how everything is coming along!! Your a great writer!!
Tas Thursday, 16 February 2012
this is awesome i love jude
rainbowchick Friday, 29 April 2011

Elena Hathaway Thursday, 28 April 2011
Come on, write more!!!!!! I'm begging here!!!!!!!
LittleMonsterForever :) Tuesday, 26 April 2011
I love,love,love this book and Jude :) keep writing
Melanie Robinson Saturday, 23 April 2011
Agreeing with Kalifornia Gurl here. Your book is amaaaaaaaazing, Hear*Me. This book and your's are two of the most amazing books on here. Love 'em. Mooore :)
Kalifornia Gurl Friday, 22 April 2011
Hear*me I have something 2 say 2 u. WHAT R U SMOKING????????????? ur book is F**king good! Is great! Its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not trash!
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Oh, I love this! I totally agree with Kalifornia Gurl, too, I love Jude even more, now that he's showing his emotions more. You are a FLAWLESS WRITER!!!!!!
I don't know if you alreadey have or if I've asked you before, but if you could, pleeeeeeez check out my story, "Brotherly Love" though it's like trash compared to yours, but pleeez check it out anyway!
Oh, and POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalifornia Gurl Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Awh! I love Jude even more now! He's all emotional and stuff!! Its so so so cute. :DD Post more!
Mehh Wednesday, 20 April 2011
Poor Jude. He has so much going on in his life and Bam is soo great with him.
They ARE a awesome couple : )
637974 Wednesday, 20 April 2011
They're so cute :)
rainbowchick Monday, 16 May 2011
YAY!! i just looooooove this book!!!!! ahaha i hope things are better now:)
MiseryRose Saturday, 7 May 2011
Tanya sounds fun to hang with. Another awesome chapter as expected from you. I love how your characters sound realistic and have emotions. Update soon!
Hatewish Thursday, 5 May 2011
Elena Hathaway Thursday, 5 May 2011
YAY!!!!!! I'm so happy this chapter came out finally!!!!!!!! Spectacular, as usual. WRITE MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mehh Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Mehh Tuesday, 3 May 2011
You have to write more! This is the best.
Kalifornia Gurl Tuesday, 3 May 2011
This is sooo good!!!!!!!!!! POST MORE PLZ! and i'm so glad ur bak
C.C Phoenixx Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Thanks everybody:D I really appreciate all your support <333
Elena Hathaway Tuesday, 3 May 2011
Yay!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next one! Glad you are back, we missed you!
Jaay Dee Monday, 2 May 2011
same GreenMonkey2652 !
cant wait for the next one <33
Kalifornia Gurl Monday, 2 May 2011
Glad ur bak! ^__^
kandykane Monday, 2 May 2011
I'm so happy your back XD I lovee your book.
GreenMonkey2652 Monday, 2 May 2011
I looked on my favorites list, saw there was another chapter posted, clicked on this, and was very dissapointedDX Finish the next chapter and post!!! And not a tease "chapter" this time:P (PS: YOUR BOOK BE AMAZING<333333)
Katrina Lonestar Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Boom Baby! YOu're back and busy and that was a rather short chapter....but I loved it! That near-rape bit was really creepy...'s a good thing Jude was there.
Jaye Wednesday, 1 June 2011
You're back!!! This makes me happy! This was a great chapter.
C.E. Hutchinson Tuesday, 31 May 2011
Glad you're back :D You just made my day. Please post more as soon as reasonably possible.

As for the chapter itself, quite interesting. Glad to finally get a full explanation on the whole Roger story. And right now I'm just as curious as Bam as to why Jude came over that day.
kandykane Monday, 30 May 2011
Yay!!!!!! your back!!!!!!! im so excited for the next chapter. XD
Kalifornia Gurl Sunday, 29 May 2011
I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG AND I LOVED LOVED THIS CHAPTER DUDE U GOT 2 WRITE FASTER!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ AND I COMPLETELEY agree w/ Elena Hathaway! I love Jude! :DD I'm going 2 marry him! :)) <3 Luv it!
Elena Hathaway Saturday, 28 May 2011
FINALLY, GIRL!!!!!!! I've been waiting so long!!!! And I loved this chapter! I am a-loving Jude even more. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Post more soon, pwetty pwetty pwease!!!!!!!!!!
Mehh Friday, 27 May 2011
Yay! You continued it! I am so glad you finally posted you should post more : D

Love the chapter :)
Katrina Lonestar Wednesday, 15 June 2011
this would be a really good way to end a could call the next one 'The First Place' or maybe 'Time Flies Bye'
Melanie Robinson Wednesday, 15 June 2011
ohyay. nuuuu chapter xD
Mehh Tuesday, 14 June 2011
Yay yay yay! Another chapter. BTW, did you know yay is a palindrome. So is mom, dad, civic and racecar. Creepy right?

Anyhoo, loved the chapter and everything but it's pretty harsh of her mom, I wouldn't mind running away with Jude, but doesn't she have to do whats best for her?

I agree with maddie bear, that would be pretty cool-eth is that happened. : )
MaddieBear c: Tuesday, 14 June 2011
they shouldn't run away i think she should say no but like after a few days when he left and stuff shes sitting in class trying to raise her grades she won't stop thinking about him so after school packs her things and finds him! just a thought ;)
Elena Hathaway Tuesday, 14 June 2011
YAY! NUTHER CHAPTER! I loved this chapter, I hope they get to run away together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND YAY FOR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Katrina Lonestar Thursday, 23 June 2011
Oh, sequel please please please! Title ideas: Fighting for Nothing, Time Ends Slowly, Running From Love (that sounds like it ought to be a rock song), Trippin' on Jude, and...ummm...that's it. Whatever title it is, PLEASE! WRITE A SEQUEL! AHHHH!
Angelmist234 Monday, 20 June 2011
definitely a sequal!
E.Gaze Saturday, 18 June 2011
I'd just like to say that when I first started reading this book I thought Monroe was going to be an important character??? What was his point in the story?
JW! :)
Cresil21 Friday, 17 June 2011
Personally, they've fought for this relationship so they should end up together but everyone knows keeping the love of your life has a prize.
homewrecker:) Thursday, 16 June 2011
idc whatever you but dont end it yet and please dont kill jude ive seen three books where they've killed the guy and i dont wanna cry in this one :)
Mehh Wednesday, 15 June 2011
I just want to say that maybe something REALLY dramatic and horrifying should happen. Like I love ALL the characters, but maybe you should spice the story up a bit more and I dunno...add something different you know?

But whatever floats your boat...or starts your car, if you don't have a boat. : )
Peace&Love1995 Wednesday, 15 June 2011
ok so yes i was sooo happy there was another chapter haha!! but its cool
i think you should keep it going lady!!....and then you you should do another book to.....please (=
C.C Phoenixx Wednesday, 15 June 2011
Okay! I'm going to continue with this book, but I'm not going to give away what happens next, that wouldn't be FAIR! Hahaha, but all of you have great ideas and I'll take them all into consideration. Thank you, all of you, for supporting and reading my stories, you have no idea how much it means to me that you actually like this and want to keep reading:D Thank you, again!

Yours truly <333
Claire xD
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 15 June 2011
This is seriously one of my favorite books on here, and I love it too much for you to stop now. Seriously, if you DO stop now, I'll have to hunt you down and hurt you. You should definitley keep going.
Me personally, I want them to run away together, then run into some problems along the road. Maybe Blue comes after them and a whole shitload of chaos is erupted there. JUST KEEP WRITING AND I WON'T CARE!!! Seriously. Definitely continue with this one. -D
Shreya S. Wednesday, 15 June 2011
I loved the first book and I loved this too. I think that you should continue and finish thier story with Jude leaving and Bam not going with him, but then she should leave to look for him. Then the guys should all panic and crazy stuff should happen where they look for them and then they end up accepting Jude and Bam's relationship and then leave it at that. I dont think you should strech it too much longer or do another sequel because well, you know how it is, sometimes you strech a book too long with sequels and stuff and then it ends up being a huge mess in the end. I really wouldnt want to see that with this book/ series because I love Jude and Bam's story sooo much. It would make me sad if it ended on a bad note. So I think that you should continue and not make that last chapter the last chapter of the book.

P.S. You totally had me excited. I was all omg, thats 2 updates in the span of 2 days, sweet! But then I saw that it was an A/N.

P.P.S. You have no idea how crazily I click the refresh button on my hotmail inbox everyday to see if there's a new update. I love this story sooo much!
Avalon Maya. Wednesday, 15 June 2011
I thoroughly enjoyed this... although I would have to say that it should be longerrrrr! Too short man, not enough happened, especially compaired to the last one. I think that it would be a good ending... buuuuut i also think that it's too soon. So yeh. Whatever floats your boat to be honest. I'll be happy no matter what. :3
Katrina Lonestar Thursday, 23 June 2011
Hm...your chapters are getting shorter. Could this be foreshadowing for the end? God, I hope not. I want to see how Dash ends up being part of the story!
Elena Hathaway Sunday, 19 June 2011
Poor Bam, I feel bad for her...she's so alone! And please post more extra super duper fast!!!!! -D
Kalifornia Gurl Saturday, 18 June 2011
Mehh Friday, 17 June 2011
I agree with Kaisa Moore...poor, poor Bam.
Avalon Maya. Friday, 17 June 2011
*sigh* poor Bam
Arya Thursday, 7 March 2013
please write more soon :) thanks!
KitKat =) Monday, 19 September 2011
she's leaving jude!? no... =D
Elena Hathaway Friday, 24 June 2011

And, congrats to your grandfather!
Katrina Lonestar Thursday, 23 June 2011
MORE PLEASE! a sequel, perhaps. A goodbye note is always a really good way to end the book.
harrypotterluver Monday, 20 June 2011
im in suspense here!!!
harrypotterluver Monday, 20 June 2011
im in suspense here!!!
Kalifornia Gurl Monday, 20 June 2011
One word describes this chapter, MORE!
Mehh Sunday, 19 June 2011
You HAVE to write more! I need to KNOW what happens : D
aimee0027 Sunday, 19 June 2011
Ahh! I want more!:D
KitKat =) Monday, 19 September 2011
Sharpie(: Thursday, 21 July 2011
Holy... SHIT..
Mistie_Rose Sunday, 10 July 2011
OOOOO! Good twist!
Elena Hathaway Friday, 24 June 2011
Ooooookay. Didn't see that coming. AND OMG POOR JUDE!!!!!!!!!
I feel so bad for him, and he is totally right about the others being selfish. YOU ARE AMAZING.
Kalifornia Gurl Wednesday, 22 June 2011
OMG he's gay? Wow, I didn't see that coming at all! I'm so obessed with this and I can't wait for more to come!
Cresil21 Wednesday, 22 June 2011
I'm amazed it doesn't surprise me.
emo-lover-//_^ Tuesday, 21 June 2011
damn thats all i got to say :O
Avalon Maya. Tuesday, 21 June 2011
VNJDKLBZVURBZHD! That was an unexpected twist yo! xD I am glad you continued on, it is worth it. :3 Ahhh HAyden! CRAZY! I totes wasnt expecting that. :) Which is the perfect thing to happen. xD
Keep it up. :3
aimee0027 Tuesday, 21 June 2011
He's gay!:O I never expected that at all! Who is this mystery guy!:D Ahhh! More! More! More!:D
MaddieBear c: Monday, 20 June 2011
whoa whoa! haydens gay? i didn't know that i read it over thinking there were misstakes but nope! didn't see that one coming! (im not a homophobic btw)
Shreya S. Monday, 20 June 2011
Look at you, you're just on a roll, writing like crazy. Im so glad, now I get updates more often! This is cute and unexpected. I like Hayden's Pov and I have a feeling that he's going to be one of the people trying to find Bam and Jude and going against the rest of the guys because he's in love too. AWWWWWW.....
1kitten2 Monday, 16 April 2012
Shoot I thought it was cole was Hayden's other half :/
KitKat =) Monday, 19 September 2011
blue died?? ohmygosh..
Isabel Rod Friday, 5 August 2011
When he said "at the airport" I was like IT'S MONROEEEEE!!!!!! And that sucks about Blue but I guess I'm not super sad. He was kind of an ass.
Mistie_Rose Sunday, 10 July 2011
He died?!?!?!
SJohnston Wednesday, 29 June 2011

secondly, I knew it was going to be Monroe :)
harrypotterluver Monday, 27 June 2011
nonononono BLUE CANNOT DIE:'( make him live pleease?
Kalifornia Gurl Monday, 27 June 2011
Mehh Friday, 24 June 2011
Elena Hathaway Friday, 24 June 2011
NO! BLUE CANNOT DIE. I feel so conflicted right now! I mean, I love Blue but he pissed me off by what he did to Bam and Jude and AHHHH JUST DON'T KILL HIM!!!!!!
emo-lover-//_^ Friday, 24 June 2011
AHHHHH i love it, but blue cant die , u cant do that no no no! and omg cant believe they got togeather. go hayde! poor jude :(
MaddieBear c: Thursday, 23 June 2011
lol awesome chappy blue bets not die!!
Avalon Maya. Thursday, 23 June 2011
CBYWALVBRHEJABVTEBS! CLAIRE!!!! HOW COULD YOU!?!?!?! You are a terrible person. >.< I am LOVING where this is going, it just seems that compaired to how long the chapters were for LHRS, this is pretty short. I just wish there was more, y'know?
Katrina Lonestar Thursday, 23 June 2011 killed Blue? WAH!
darlingdylan Sunday, 13 November 2011
nice twist......though i wont think of hayden in the same way lol
KitKat =) Monday, 19 September 2011
he's alive!!
KitKat =) Monday, 19 September 2011
he's alive!!
Isabel Rod Friday, 5 August 2011
Ditto Misery Rose. I thought Hayden was into Bam...I was way off.
MiseryRose Friday, 1 July 2011
Omg!!! He's GAY! Totally didn't see that coming. Uhhh...... oh yeah the car crash. Hope he doesn't die. Just go in a coma 4 a while. He really hurt Bammie so he kinda deserves it. Not too harsh right? Sorry if it is. Lol can't wait till the next chapter!!!
Elena Hathaway Wednesday, 29 June 2011
Yeah, he's back! Though I kinda agree with Kalifornia Gurl, he WAS being an ass. Anyways, write more asap please!!!
Kalifornia Gurl Tuesday, 28 June 2011
I kinda wished he died cuz he was being a douche...
Sahar Tuesday, 28 June 2011
Wow, that was soooooo good!!!

HE LIVES!! Haha!
emo-lover-//_^ Monday, 27 June 2011
Mehh Monday, 27 June 2011
Yay! he he isnt...but then....okay. You are not that cruel enough to kill Blue....right?
PottermoreDreamer Monday, 27 June 2011
OHH BLUEEE!!!!!!!!
you are still not forgiven.. but welcome back bud
harrypotterluver Monday, 27 June 2011
Avalon Maya. Monday, 27 June 2011
Oh thanks God he didnt die. I would have been mad if he had.
rainbowchick Monday, 27 June 2011
heheh i looooove this book!♥
Elena Hathaway Thursday, 7 July 2011
WHAT? A guy other than JUDE? Who is it????? ANd write more soon, pleaese, hun. These short, long-in-between chapters aren't working for me. But as always, your writing is excellence incarnate. So do us all a favor and pretty please write more!!!
CueTheTears Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Jude has to find Bam there is no way that they wont be together if they Arent goin to be with each other i just might cry... And you dont wanna see me cry
and if anyone wouldn't mind reading my book Rescue Me I would be eternally greatfull
CueTheTears Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post more I think I might die if you don't...I'm serious I think I might die
Salamandear Tuesday, 12 July 2011
Elena Hathaway Friday, 8 July 2011
WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT????????????? THIS IS INSANE! He was talking to COLE? But Bam HATES Cole, doesn't she? Ahhh, this story is messing with my mind.
Kalifornia Gurl Thursday, 7 July 2011
He was talking to Cole?! I must be like retarded or something because I just figured that out, acutally I had no idea who Cole was until I had to think who Cole was I was like Cole? Cole? Coolle. Tee hee yeah! My friends call me brain dead so yeah! But really good chapter, I can't wait for more!:DD
katiealyssa. Sunday, 24 July 2011
read through the first and second book all in one day. this is good! the two things i don't like, though, is the swearing and short chapters. i love how you keep putting twists in the story. update soon! and check out my book, if you can?
katiealyssa. Sunday, 24 July 2011
read through the first and second book all in one day. this is good! the two things i don't like, though, is the swearing and short chapters. i love how you keep putting twists in the story. update soon! and check out my book, if you can?
katiealyssa. Sunday, 24 July 2011
read through the first and second book all in one day. this is good! the two things i don't like, though, is the swearing and short chapters. i love how you keep putting twists in the story. update soon! and check out my book, if you can?
Sharpie(: Thursday, 21 July 2011
I love him one chapter then the next i want to bitch slap him!! WHAT THE HELL JUDE?
Elena Hathaway Thursday, 21 July 2011
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emo-lover-//_^ Monday, 18 July 2011
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Kalifornia Gurl Saturday, 16 July 2011
>:( Jude needs 2 stop getting high... I hate him right now. I know he's sad about Bam leaving and all but he needs 2 start fi nding her you know? Great Chapter! I can't wait for more!:DD
CueTheTears Saturday, 30 July 2011
Kalifornia Gurl Friday, 29 July 2011
Sharpie(: Tuesday, 26 July 2011
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update sooonn! I just might die if you don't!!!!! xP
Elena Hathaway Monday, 25 July 2011
Oh!!! HURRY AND FIND HER, JUDE!!!!!!!!!!!
Post more super quick pretty please! I am addicted to this book!
Tas Thursday, 16 February 2012
i love jude!
darlingdylan Sunday, 13 November 2011
Elena Hathaway Thursday, 11 August 2011
EXACTLY! Now go FIND HER!!!!!!!! Or I'll kill you, Jude-ie, seriously.
Sharpie(: Thursday, 4 August 2011
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loverofbooks Saturday, 29 June 2013
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M. Bigio Monday, 4 February 2013
Aaaaah! I agree with AddyB1, you CANNOT stop there!! You HAVE to finish it, pretty pleeeeeaaaaase!
Well, I have three questions. Why Jude started talking to the guys again when he had said that they would never see his fuckin' face again? Why on earth haven't Allie (I like this nickname better, though I like 'Bammie', too) read those fucking letters of Jude yet?!?! And why did she just... left him? I mean, I can understand why she left the other dumbasses (I like 'em, but, come on, they're just stupid), but the fact that she left Jude, I can't quite wrap my mind around that. She sure thought he would be better off without her, but still...
And I didn't like Jude having, or trying to have, or whatever, sex with a random girl to take his pain away. But, come on, I didn't blame him nor I thought he was being a selfish jerk (only when he said the Bammie never have done anything to him, whe she clearly did, and a lot). Because she LEFT him!
Oh, and she sure has shitty parents and I wouldn't like to be on her shoes.
Just one more thing about the plot: Jude (every time I say his name, it's like I'm saying 'dude',lol) HAS TO STOP USING DRUGS, or that would FUCKING KILL him eventually, and we don't want our Jude-ie dead, do we?
Great work. Keep going and pleaase POST MORE before you readers just go die in the corner, dude! And I still can't believe you're only 13. Great writer. Great work (a few minor mistakes, but...). You are talented, gifted, you've got skill, or call it the way you want. Whatever. POST MORE, AND SOON!!
Have a great week. Or day. Or month. Or year, since I don't know when you will be reading this, if you even happen to actually read it.
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TOKcombo277 Saturday, 8 September 2012
i like this story, its very addicting (:
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Why are these so short?
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But, please!!!!!!!
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I've always loved your writing. I really really hope that somebody with a company finds this, falls in love with it as I have and gets you a published book. Best of wishes,
Sharpie(: Saturday, 6 August 2011
No! It's so short! I cant believe her mom did that! I mean I can, but still.. Wow. But please update soon.

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