The wolves that play together, Stay together (Copyright)

BriCo Saturday, 9 June 2012
I like this story. I Think I like all your storys the only thing I wish there was more on was more details about there change. More about how it feels for them. What it looks like for anyone watching that sort of thing. Also do they look like normal wolves or the old time massive werewolves but besides that keep it going cant wait for more.
neecy Friday, 21 May 2010
There were just a few spelling mistakes at the start and some description would've made it abit better for us to set the scene, also some more character description.

But im sure you would've gotten to that as your write more. :)
Good job so far x
*P.S.ILoveYou* Saturday, 8 May 2010
You should write moree!! Haha and again it needs a little more details....but I like it :D!!

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