Author: soccerlolly9

Chapter 15
Geez man, shes a freak!

I tuck the gun carefully into the back of my jeans having seen it done in a movie I watched a few months ago. I still wasn’t sure what getting a gun was supposed to accomplish, but somehow it gives me peace of mind. Ironic, seeing as how if these humans knew what I was, it would be them in search of peace of mind. I’m just about to turn and go looking for a place to spend the night, when I hear it.

The heartbeat is unmistakably loud in the silent street around me. I turn to see who its owner is and find a young girl, too young to be all alone this late at night, running down the sidewalk in my direction. Something is definitely wrong. Apart from the fact her heart rate is dangerously high I can sense something else. Something that makes the hairs on my neck stand straight up. I sense death. This girl was about to die.

I make a quick decision. An incredibly stupid, reckless decision that I will probably regret later, but I don’t care. This girl was about to die, and I was not going to just stand by and let it happen. That’s what humans were for.

The girl is literally feet in front of me when I appear from around the corner, taking her by surprise. Now that I have a better look at her I can see she is much younger than I first thought, probably no more than eleven or twelve years old. Her clothes have been torn and she has a nasty cut on her forehead. If I thought she would stop for me I was wrong because she doesn’t even bother slowing down. She runs right past me and rounds the corner. For a moment I consider running after her, but then I stop myself. The kid obviously wasn’t running too something, she was running from something.

I look back down the street where the girl had first appeared. I hear them before I see them. Four unmistakably loud heartbeats approaching from my right. Then they round the corner. Four very large men sprinting, cursing at one another. I sense the anger, the frustration, the craving. These men were desperate. These men were out to kill.

Without thinking, I take off running back down the alleyway, hopefully I would make it in time to cut her off. I get to the end of the street just in time to see her round the corner, and block her path. For a moment she seems stunned to see me again, but I can feel her fear. I can sense her anxiety screaming at her to keep running. She tries plowing through me, but I’m so much stronger than her, she doesn’t get me to budge an inch.

“Please let me go!” The girl is screaming, trying frantically to break through my grip on her. “Please don’t hurt me! Please don’t hurt me!”

“I’m not going to hurt you.” I assure her. “Just calm down. I’m going to help you, okay?”

“They’re going to kill me.” Her voice is urgent.

“Who?” I ask.

“I don’t know. They took me from my house. They said they were going to kill me if I didn’t–” Her voice trails off.

“Nobody is going to hurt you.” I promise her. “What’s your name?”


“Okay Sarah, I need you to listen to me very closely. Those men that were chasing you are about to round the corner in less than thirty seconds. When they do I need you to promise me you won’t run.”


“Just promise me, okay?”

Sarah nods reluctantly. “Okay.”

They round the corner in twenty seconds.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” One of the men asks. I scan the four, making sure to take in every detail before deciding on the best possible way to defend, or attack. Whichever I was forced to do first. The guy who had spoken out was standing at the front of the group, clearly the leader. His greasy black hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Next there was Big Nose, the man who seemed to have an abnormally large nose for such a small head. Beside Big Nose was a guy with a tattoo covering half his face and by the looks of him, he seemed like the last person I should ever pick a fight with. Bringing up the rear was a man who appeared quite out of place in the group with his beach blond hair and blue eyes.

“I think you should go.” I say, putting as much venom in my voice as possible. I feel the anger welling up inside me and I have to force it down again. I couldn’t lose control.

Ponytail laughs. “Go? And miss all the fun?” He pauses, taking a step towards me. “I don’t think so.”

“Go. And maybe I’ll let you live.” I snarl. I could sense this man’s thirst. I could feel his yearning and it made me sick. I meant every word I said.

“Let us live?” This comes from Big Nose. “How about maybe if you do as we say we’ll let you live.”

Then, without warning the men attack. Ponytail comes at me first and I easily dodge his carelessly placed punch. Next comes Big Nose and I combat his feeble attempt to place me in a neck lock with a good kick to his abdomen. He doubles over in pain. Tattoo Face manages to wrap his arms around me before I elbow him in the nose, causing blood to gush out at an alarming rate. He lets go, the pain making his eyes water.

Suddenly, I feel a blow to the back of my head and nearly lose my balance. My skull feels like it’s on fire and it takes me a moment to realize I’m feeling pain. Something I haven’t felt in a very long time. I turn to see Ponytail has regained his composure and is up and ready to throw a punch at the next thing that moves. Me, of course. For a moment he seems stunned that his blow had such a meager effect on me, but then he quickly raises his fists again. His swing is slow and sloppy and I easily duck out of the way. That’s when Blondie runs into me and I lose my balance, falling to the ground.

I land with Blondie on top of me, but one push sends him flying off. He lands a few feet away. That’s when I feel the second blow. This time to my torso and the whole right side of my body erupts in pain. Another blow, this time to my head and I almost black out. I come to my senses just in time to block Ponytail from smashing my face in with his right hook and land a square punch to his jaw. I hear it crack and he falls to the ground, howling in pain.

“Geez man, she’s a freak!” I hear Tattoo Face say to Blondie and Big Nose. “Let’s get out of here.” The three men take off running and Ponytail stumbles after them, clearly still in pain after me having broken his jaw. I stand up slowly, my head threatening to explode. Bad idea. My world shift to the left and I fall back to the ground. Something is wrong. I shouldn’t feel this way. My body feels, I struggle, trying to find the right word. Weak. My body feels weak and tired. But it shouldn’t. This is all I have time to realize before my entire world goes black and I lose consciousness.





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