Author: soccerlolly9

Chapter 13
I always have a plan.

I hate the dark. Not for reasons most people would expect. Not because it reminds me of those scary movies, the ones where the bad guys are chasing you and no matter how fast you run, they always catch up in the end. Or because no matter how hard you focus, all you ever see is the never ending blackness that threatens to engulf your very being. Or even because it forces you to acknowledge the only thing that you absolutely, one hundred percent, without a doubt know is real without having to see it. Yourself. No, I don’t consider myself so shallow a person to hate the dark for such petty and trivial reasons. I hate the dark because it’s so dark. And that’s no place for a FireGirl.

“We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way.”

“Or we can do this my way.” I don’t bother getting up from my spot on the floor. The cell, or room or whatever they have been keeping me in for the past four days must hold a bed in it somewhere, but I’ve refused to take the time to actually find it. It has been nearly a week since I last saw anything but the blackness. No doubt a contributing factor to my now questionable mental stability.

I guess this is an improvement from the last accommodations I was forced live in, but being kept totally in the dark (and I mean this in every literal sense of the phrase) sucked. After Nikki’s little “trick” with the Cage, I sort of lost it. Even she was surprised when for a few seconds, my Monster came out and not even she could find a way to block it from me. After that they had to send in six guards to bring me to my new room. Even blind, I put up a heck of a fight.

 On the second day, Simon came to visit me. He went on and on about how the human species for its entire existence has only been able to access and use ten percent of its brain’s capacity. People like me have discovered, inadvertently, how to cross what he called the threshold. He told me I was special. That I was meant to save the world. People like me, people who have a reason to live because they’ve seen what it’s like to almost die, are in every sense of the word, heroes.

I pretty much tuned him out for his whole science lecture. I wasn’t interested in his crap about being special and part of an elite group of humans who were able to access more of their brain than others. I never went much for comic books and superheroes, but what he was trying to sell me nearly made me think Simon was about to mention radioactive spiders or kryptonite at any moment in his little speech. But not matter how much I didn’t want to believe him, I knew he was right. I knew I was meant to be here and most importantly, I already knew I was meant to save the world.

Like I said, I always have a plan. And our plan was going to work.  




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