Author: soccerlolly9

Chapter 10
Itís a sauna.

The heat.

It’s back and in a blaze of fury. It’s so hot. It burns at every inch of my skin right down to my very core. Even my throat seems to be burned raw. It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. It was too hot. I’m sweating. I feel the perspiration against my skin and I’m soaked to the bone. I try to breath, but the air that fills my lungs is so searing I nearly gag. There was something wrong. My body was always hot, unnaturally so, but never like this. I felt like I was being roasted alive in a giant oven. My eyes burst open and I immediately regret it. The steam coming from every corner of the room causes them to tear up so bad I have to close them.

I wait several moments, and then open them again. This time, the heat isn’t nearly as bad. I look around. I’m in a giant box. Every inch of it seems to be smothered in steam, like a giant cooker. I stand up. The box is so small my head nearly hits the top ceiling. The heat, the box. Everything was feeling all too familiar.

“Let me out!” I scream at the top of my lungs.  I smash the wall again and again with my fist, but it doesn’t budge. I punch and claw the walls over and over and over, but I can’t even make a dent in them. I think I’m screaming, but it’s hard to tell for sure. When The Monster was out, I was never really certain of anything. Except one thing. Kill. And right now, I needed to kill.

            I kick, I claw, I push with all the strength in my body, but nothing is working. Then I hear it. The unmistakable sound of a heartbeat. This only sets on a new frenzy and I go wild at the smell of fresh blood. I was so hungry. So ravenously hungry, I couldn’t stand it. The heartbeat stops right outside my box. It was so close I could almost taste it. I begin hysterically scratching, swinging at the walls, anything to break them open.

“Hello Jocelyn.” The voice comes from behind me. I turn and for the first time notice a small glass window in my box. Through the steam I make out the figure of a man. He smiles at me, revealing a perfect set of pearly white teeth. Almost as white as his hair.

“Who are you?” I scream at him trying desperately to bust through the window. It doesn’t even crack. My box was getting hotter, and so was I.

“My name is Simon. I’m a friend.”

“If you’re my friend then you’d let me out.” I press my hands against the window. “Please let me out. It’s so hot.”

“I know.” Simon says sadly. “Believe me I know.”

“What do you want from me?” I scream. “I’m not fighting! I’m done fighting! You’ll have to kill me before I go back in the Cage!” I smash the window with my fist over and over again. Still not a scratch. “Let me out of this box!”

“You’re not going back to the Cage, Jocelyn.” Simon assures me in a gentle voice. “And it’s not a box. It’s a sauna. It’s going to help you get clean.”

“I know how to get clean.” I’m pleading with him now. “I swear I do. Please let me go.”

“I’m sorry, Jocelyn. But I can’t do that.” The man disappears from out of view and I’m left alone once again. The heat is burning into my skull it’s so hot. The air is suffocating me and for a moment, I’m positive I’m going to die right here and now. But I don’t. Because I was the FireGirl.

And you can’t kill fire with fire.



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