Author: soccerlolly9

Chapter 0


            My body is moving faster than my mind can process the scene I’m beholding. As I run, in no particular direction, I take in the trees on either side of me and wonder how in the world I am supposed to escape. Because at this very moment in time, escape is my only option. Well, escape or die.

            I hear the footsteps behind me begin to fade, the guards clearly beginning to show signs of exhaustion. Soon they would send the dogs after me no doubt, and for a brief moment I wonder if I could out run even them. Of course I quickly shake the thought from my mind because it only takes me a second to realize yes, I can out run them.

But I’m wrong. The guards don’t send dogs. Instead, my ears pick up the sound of jeeps rumbling to life about ten miles behind me. A couple of dogs I could handle, but suddenly I’m worried a jeep might just be too much, even for me. How fast could cars go anyway?  And I could only go for so long. How long had I been sprinting for? An hour? Maybe two? I can hear my heart rate and it’s still pretty even, probably only at about 280 beats per minute. I could go for a few more hours, but then what?

For a moment I’m tempted to stay and fight. But I quickly forget the idea. I could take on two, maybe three fully grown men easily, but a whole army of them? And then there was the problem of guns. I had never been shot by one before, but my guess was that a few good hits to the right places and I would go down for sure. No, there was definitely only one option. Escape.

I crash through a line of trees before suddenly, I’m in a clearing. The sound of the jeeps has become dangerously close for comfort. I look around for a place to hide but what I see doesn’t leave me with many options. Directly in front of me the clearing seems to end in a ledge, leading who knows how far down. On either side of me the trees have thinned out considerably and I would be all too easily spotted trying to hide out in such a pathetic attempt at cover.

The jeeps, seeming to have closed the distance between us ridiculously fast, are now too close for any efforts of retreat. I realize my only option, my only chance for freedom, is to jump. I place one foot in front of the other, steadily increasing in speed until I’m sprinting. I don’t hesitate when I finally reach the clearing’s edge and plummet to my fate.

I can only hope it was worth such a grand escape.



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